iShiny has joined NRG as coach ahead of the ALGS Championship.

NRG have added former CLG, Fnatic and Complexity player iShiny to their roster as a coach. The move comes ahead of the season ending ALGS Championship in Birmingham.

NRG performed below their expectations at the Split 2 Playoffs in London. However, they have been very vocal about making big changes ahead of the Championship. This includes today's announcement, as well as potential changes to strategies on Worlds Edge.

Who is iShiny?

Bryan "iShiny" McCarthy has been competing in Apex Legends since the start of the games competitive scene. He won multiple ALGS titles with Complexity, and was a part of the roster that pioneered the original Bloodhound meta. This included a prestigious ALGS Autumn Circuit Playoff win in December 2020.

iShiny helped pioneer the Bloodhound meta
iShiny helped pioneer the Bloodhound meta

Most recently he competed in the ALGS Pro League with CLG, narrowly missing out on LAN qualification himself. Previous to Apex Legends iShiny also competed in Overwatch.

Sweetdreams told his stream: "NRG will be working with iShiny as our coach for champs and beyond! Incredibly excited to work with such a level headed and awesome person."

Why have NRG finally added a coach?

NRG have long resisted adding a coach to the roster. Coaches have become more and more prevalent in the ALGS, however the line is still blurred between 'Coach' and 'Analyst'. Some teams have just a coach, or just an analyst. A few teams, like NRG, have both.

Part of the decision made by NRG has to do with their poor performance at the Split 2 Playoffs. NRG never really got going. Of course, 11th is not an embarrassing result but Sweet, Gild and Nafen will always be seen to have underperformed unless they find a top five finish.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

The manner of their performance is perhaps why NRG have been very critical of their showing. Especially when compared to Split 1. NRG won only one game the entire tournament, and only placed second one time too.

Staging changes need extra attention

There was also a critical change for NRG's plan on Worlds Edge. The Staging Ring Console spawn rate was heavily reduced in a patch just before LAN. This scuppered their tried and tested early rotate strategy. In addition, these rates were changed too late for NRG to contest a new spot on Worlds Edge.

The addition of iShiny will help split the mental load between him and IGL Sweetdreams. This is especially important if NRG adjust their Worlds Edge strategy. Sweet has hinted that NRG would be changing their drop on Worlds Edge. However, they have started their International Scrims with a contest to add Mirage a Trois to their landing. Previously, they had let teams like KCP and Oxygen Gaming land Mirage.

Sweet has since confirmed that NRG are waiting to see what changes are made to Console Spawn rates in Season 18 before making a final call.

Photo EA/Joe Brady
Photo EA/Joe Brady

Refreshed momentum for NRG

Another factor is simply the momentum gained by adding a new member. Much like when Gild first joined the roster, and NRG went on a fantastic run.

Sweet has revealed in his Discord that NRG have spent hours in meetings with iShiny preparing for LAN. It felt as if NRG were underprepared for the last LAN in July. Whether it was complacency, general lack of motivation with the state of the game or something else NRG have acknowledged their need to approach Champs differently and the addition of iShiny will help remedy that.

NRG will be partaking in international scrims, and their new coach will help to keep them accountable and ensure they are prepared. iShiny will also allow Sweet to focus on his gameplay. Noiises, when speaking to before the Split 2 Playoffs shared how helpful he had found the addition of their coach when it came to mental load. No doubt Sweetdreams and NRG will feel the same impact ahead of the ALGS Championship.

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