Nickmercs and Tripods fail to reach Apex Legends LAN cover image

Nickmercs and Tripods fail to reach Apex Legends LAN

The dream run for Nickmercs and the Tripods has come to an end. They finished 10th in the ALGS LCQ finals, missing out on the top 2 cutoff.

Nickmercs and the Tripods won't be competing in the Apex Legends Championship LAN. They finished 10th in the finals of the Last Chance Qualifier. It was a sad end to what was a truly inspirational first run into Apex Legends competitive action.

Only the top 2 teams from the finals lobby qualified for the ALGS Championship LAN in North Carolina. Tripods were pipped by Furia and E8. Notably G2 and Sentinels, two major teams, failed to qualify as well.

Nickmercs helps Tripods avoid losers bracket

It was a really strong effort from Nickmercs and team Tripods all weekend. They successfully navigated both rounds of the winners bracket, securing 7th place in both.

For a team that is very new , relatively speaking, into the ALGS scene it was a fantastic achievement to outperform major teams such as Sentinels. Don't forget, Sentinels won the first split of Pro League.

It was in the 2nd round of the winners bracket where Tripods really showed that they mean business. They placed above G2, Sentinels, Torrent and XSET - all major teams that performed well in Pro League.

Nickmercs providing key points

In the pits of Lava Fissure, a solo Nickmercs earned his place among the top teams in Apex with a fantastic individual performance.

While Nickmercs and the Tripods might not quite have the ability of the top teams, or the experience, they have bags of passion. Ever since starting their journey they have applied fantastic work ethic. Whether that with game hours or playing countless scrims with other challenger teams.

What is refreshing to see is that despite his ginormous stream size, Nick has a fantastic respect for opponents and is well on the way to working his way up the Apex ladder.

Solid effort in finals, but top 2 a step too far

After making the grand finals, Tripods had an outside shot of qualifying for the Apex Championship LAN in Raleigh, North Carolina. However, the LCQ format is incredibly rough. Only the top 2 teams qualify - meaning only a near perfect tournament would deliver.

Despite their strong performances in the winners bracket, NickMercs and the Tripods really struggled with the high level of finals. They earned just 2 points from the opening 3 Storm Point games, effectively ending their chances of a top 2 finish.

A spirited showing on Worlds Edge saw them achieve 28 points. NickMercs and the Tripods finished 10th - above Pro League teams.

Furia and E8 qualify

  • Furia - 73
  • E8 - 71
  • HCH - 71
  • Sentinels - 52
  • Unlucky - 50

Sentinels and HCH narrowly missed out on the cut-off. Furia and E8 will begin their preparations for Raleigh.

NickMercs team will be an outside bet for the next Challenger Circuit, format pending. In such a short time they have surpassed many established teams. While the dream run to LAN has finally been halted, their journey to the professional level of ALGS will continue when year 3 begins. Competition is yet to be announced, but should return in September.

The ALGS Championship will take place in July. For full coverage – keep it