The Sentinel star has expressed frustration.

Complexity player Bowen "Monsoon" Fuller has taken to X, formerly known as Twitter, to call out ALGS partner teams that have exited the ALGS mid season.

The ALGS announced a revamped partnership programme ahead of ALGS Year 4. 12 selected teams received a range of benefits. Most notable of these was a financial stipend to support the cost of having an Apex Legends roster.

However, despite being a partnered team, OpTic Gaming has entirely exited the ALGS, after their roster failed to make the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs. FaZe Clan have also dropped two of their roster, and their future in the game is unknown.

Monsoon frustrated that Complexity aren't an ALGS partner team

On X, Monsoon explained his frustration with teams that have withdrawn from the ALGS despite being partnered. It was expected that being a Year 4 partnered team would essentially ensure organisations stuck around at least for the entire years competition.

With just 12 slots, several notable organisations were not able to be part of the revamped programme. Complexity, who Monsoon has competed for in the ALGS for over four years, were not included.

This was somewhat of a surprise. Complexity, as Monsoon points out, have been very loyal to the ALGS. They dived headfirst into Apex Legends just a couple of months after the games release. Since then, they have maintained active ALGS rosters ever since.

In their blogpost announcing the 12 teams, the ALGS said: "The 12 teams ultimately selected were chosen based on a number of factors, including their commitment to the ALGS ecosystem, past competitive performance, and their overall willingness to continue partnering with us in new and interesting ways to grow the ALGS."

However, if OpTic have already left the ALGS after one bad split, were they ever committed to the ALGS ecosystem? It can't be forgotten that OpTic came a single team fight away from winning the ALGS Championship as recently as September.

Monsoon (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Monsoon (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

Financial support key

Also in Monsoons X posting, comes a subtle hint about the reason Complexity do not currently have a coach. Their roster is Monsoon, Lou and Kimchilee. There is no official coach registered with this team.

Monsoon said: "Especially since the ecosystem of Apex has evolved greatly and assets like coaches + analysts are incredibly important to the success of teams at an international level."

This could imply that Complexity cannot, or will not, support a wider team without the financial stipend that ALGS partnered teams receive. It is well documented that money is tight in esports, and adding extra staff members increases costs significantly.

Kimchilee (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
Kimchilee (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

This is especially true at international events. EA only cover expenses for the three players on a roster. So any organisations with coaches and analysts have to fund their trip to LAN themselves. Teams have done well at LAN without this support, but notably both LAN champions, TSM and DarkZero have support staff.

Could Complexity be partnered?

With one of the 12 ALGS partnered teams seemingly out. That does appear to leave an opening. We may well see the league add a new partnered team, to fill the spot left by OpTic. Of course, with other organisations like Spacestation Gaming and Cloud 9 back in Apex Legends, there may be competition for this spot.

Partnered or not, Monsoon and Complexity will look to bring home the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs in Los Angeles. Action begins May 2.

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