OpTic Gaming are out.

OpTic Gaming have announced they are departing Apex Legends. The organisation, that was announced a partnered team for ALGS Year 4, has been in Apex Legends for two years.

Their team, Knoqd, Dropped and Skittlecakes failed to qualify for the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs in Los Angeles. This seems to have been enough for the organisation to lose interest in the ALGS, and they are departing the scene.

OpTic Gaming's fall from grace in Apex Legends

This exit marks a remarkable fall from grace in Apex Legends. Their roster dominated at the ALGS Championship in Birmingham coming a single fight away from taking the title. They finished the finals with more points than the winners TSM, but they couldn't quite close out a match point win.

This seemed to mark a real breakthrough for the OpTic Gaming Apex roster. They had performed well at the Split 2 Playoffs and Split 2 Pro League. However, that was was to be the peak of this team and organisation in the ALGS.

Photo: EA/Joe Brady
Photo: EA/Joe Brady

Several changes to Storm Point and multiple meta shifts during the off season seemed to totally kill OpTic's momentum. They struggled across the entire Pro League split, struggling to a 14th place. This was the first time that this roster had missed a LAN event since the arrival of Dropped.

There had been some warning signs about OpTic's commitment to the ALGS. They failed to sign coach iShiny, reportedly for financial reasons. He went on to join Cloud 9.

OpTic were a big presence in North America

This recent split should not cloud OpTic Gaming's legacy in the ALGS. The organisation was responsible for several highlights in the ALGS. Joining the ALGS ahead of the Split 2 Playoffs in Sweden with an iconic announcement teaser, OpTic were a major heavyweight across several events.

In addition to their ALGS Championship second place, they also won the 2022 JBL Quantum Cup and the Code: Red Freedom Season 1 finals.

Photo: EA/Joe Brady
Photo: EA/Joe Brady

OpTic Gaming leave despite being ALGS partner team

Taking to X, formerly known as Twitter, after the news Dropped announced that OpTic were leaving the Apex Legends scene.

This comes as a big surprise, given that the organisation are one of the partnered teams for ALGS year 4. The programme seemed to commit teams to the entire season. All of the teams in the programme were receiving financial support towards their roster and a host of other benefits.

It's unknown if this will mean another organisation will be invited into the programme for the second half of ALGS year 4. Additionally, it's unknown if the team of Dropped, Skittlecakes and Knoqd will continue to compete together.

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