KCP fall into ALGS losers bracket despite good cooking cover image

KCP fall into ALGS losers bracket despite good cooking

Will KCP return to the kitchen and cook up a new strategy for ALGS? Here’s what Gnaske said about the team’s performance.

Pioneers, also known as KCP, had a rough start in the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs in London, but they know how to keep faith. In an interview between matches two and three, Jon "Falloutt" Kefaloukos interviewed Casper "Gnaske" Præstensgaard about the team's performance so far, their strategy with a substitute, and what's cooking in their future in the ALGS Playoffs.

Pandxrz and substitute strategy

When asked about the impact on their team and playstyle with FURIA's Scott "Pandxrz" Naynard as a substitute for Maksym "Max-Strafe" Stadniuk, Gnaske called Pandxrz the smartest controller player out there and praised his skills as their IGL. Though he did note the low bar for controller players.

Later, in a follow-up question about the teams performance, Gnaske expanded on how the Pioneers' strategy changed with the addition of Pandxrz. Despite being known as a zone team, the team played edge of ring with Pandxrz as an IGL, which Gnaske acknowledged was new and untested. However, he said he believes in the potential of a change in strategy and that the team is "still cooking."

ALGS interview (Video via playapex on Twitch)

Pioneers are cookin'

Gnaske knows how to build up a metaphor, which he used expertly when describing the Pioneers' experience in the first couple of matches today and yesterday. After Falloutt asked about their slow start in previous games, Gnaske dropped his poetic thought process.

"We had the kitchen set up, we had the water boiling, we cut the onions, we're about to be cooking, and the house went on fire. We weren't cooking." However, he amended that the team knew their way to success through the losers bracket after their experience in Raleigh last July. Gnaske added that everyone should keep faith in KCP despite things looking a little grim.

Via playapex on Twitch

KCP ALGS results and the losers bracket

In the end, it seems that Gnaske had a good sense of how the games were going for KCP by the end of the day. The team fell into the losers bracket after placing thirtieth overall with 79 points alongside two other prominent EMEA teams. Gnaske summed up the day's loss and entry into the losers bracket with a single tweet.

Hopefully, the Pioneers can find their utensils in the losers bracket with some new ingredients to cook up a succulent Apex Legends meal for their hungry fans.

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