Is there a new legend in Apex Legends Revelry? cover image

Is there a new legend in Apex Legends Revelry?


Is there a new legend in Revelry, the newest Apex Legends season? And which legend may be next to join the roster?

Apex Legends has continued to grow in popularity thanks to its free-to-play status, dynamic gunplay, and consistent new content drops. But Season 16 has arrived and there's been no word of a new legend. Does Revelry have a new legend on the way?
Unfortunately, there is no new legend in Revelry.
This is the first time in the game's history where a new season doesn't bring a new legend. This can seem like a bit of a letdown after the hype surrounding Catalyst's arrival in Season 15. No teaser trailer? No ability reveal? No backstory video? This would have made Season 16 underwhelming if it weren't for the developers' decision to focus on existing legends.

Why is there no new legend in Revelry?

As Season 16 grew near, gamers started anxiously awaiting hints at a new legend. But nothing came, not even a leak. Instead, EA released an extensive blog about a different direction for Season 16. Instead of a new legend in Revelry, developers had been working on a huge roster rework.
Said developers: "Rather than adding a new legend this season, we're revamping the legend classes —bringing a new element to the legends you know."
For Season 16, developers revealed five new legend classes, each with their own traits and special abilities. The five new classes are:
  • Assault: Ash, Bangalore, Mad Maggie, Fuse, and Revenant
  • Skirmisher: Octane, Pathfinder, Mirage, Wraith, Horizon, and Valkyrie
  • Recon: Bloodhound, Seer, Crypto, and Vantage
  • Controller: Wattson, Rampart, Caustic, and Catalyst
  • Support: Lifeline, Loba, Gibraltar, and Newcastle

All leaked potential Apex Legends characters

While Revelry didn't get a new legend added to the revamped roster, there are many legends currently in the works. This means we might see some of these legends in the near future in upcoming seasons. Of course, none of these have been officially confirmed by Respawn Entertainment and we were never told when they would arrive — if they even will.
It should be noted, however, that most leaked characters in the past have officially joined the roster, including Newcastle and Catalyst most recently.


This legend was leaked a long time ago (Season 13, and then Season 15). It seems like they will be an assault legend that focuses on weapons. Their passive may allow them to carry a third weapon. Smart Bullet is the name of a possible tactical. Caliber might also have the ability to modify weapons for himself and his teammates — and maybe the enemy, too — with an ultimate called Weapon Enhancer.


Image via The Apex Inspector
Image via The Apex Inspector
This character would be support, using their abilities to manipulate enemy shields and recharge their own team's shields. The leak states that their ultimate may be some type of bomb that damages enemy shields while simultaneously recharging ally shields.


This trickster seems to enjoy messing with opponents' minds, using an ultimate that is said to give them the power to cloak players. A leaked passive was described as letting them turn any grenade into a proximity mine. They might also have the ability to drop three robotic creatures called Spectres.


Image via Nitz
Image via Nitz


This possibly upcoming recon legend is said to have a passive that lets them spectate whoever kills them. This would give them a lot of insight for their squadmates. The leaked tactical is called Optic-Haunt, a trap that reveals their target's perspective. Shadow Wall is their possible ultimate, which blinds enemies by blocking their line of sight.


Image via Nitz
Image via Nitz
This defensive-style legend is rumored to have a passive ability to gain 25% of recover effects within a certain range. Then they have a tactical ability that will release a satellite that follows teammates and regenerates their shields. It's even rumored that the satellite could revive downed allies. The leak also said that he has an Immortality Relay Beacon that keeps teammates from being killed for a short time.
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