Apex Legends devs held an AMA on Reddit all about LTM and fans were disappointed with some of the responses.

Apex Legends announced a Reddit AMA earlier today focused on limited time modes to celebrate the Gun Run LTM that's part of the Beast of Prey update.

Limited time modes are game modes that are only in the game for a short duration of time, usually introducing experimental mechanics or interesting new gameplay that's unlike the permanent battle royale and arena modes. Gun Run, for example, has players upgrading to a new weapon automatically every time they get an elimination, with the last weapon being a throwing knife.

With Apex Legends players hyped up on LTMs, it was the perfect time to drop an AMA with Lead Game Designer Robert West, known as RoboB0b on Reddit. West offered some insight on how the team goes about creating LTMs but fans were left wanting to know more specifics about future plans.

Apex Legends devs discuss LTM on Reddit

According to West, the team often has a lot of limited time mode ideas floating around, from twists on old modes to completely new ideas. The ideas will be pitched among the team and then a prototype is built once it's approved.

"There is always inspiration coming from all over," West said, "whether it's some random 'what if' idea that pops up while playing Apex or inspiration from other games and media."

A brand new LTM can often take up to a year or more to create. Smaller LTMs, like Armed and Dangerous, are much quicker to implement since only a few components are changing. The team will then dedicate resources to the LTM for the duration of its time in the game.

There have also been some LTMs that haven't been released, but West didn't want to share the ideas in case they were released later on. There are currently unrevealed LTMs that are in different stages of development behind the scenes that West is "excited" about.

One of the most pressing questions on Reddit was from u/Heroneman, who asked if there will ever be an arcade-style playlist featuring rotating LTMs, similar to Overwatch. They felt that the LTMs were seen infrequently and hoped there could be a weekly rotation to "help break the constant BR grind."

"The team is always exploring ways to improve how we approach LTMs. We've seen the playlist feedback and it's definitely something we'll consider as well. There's a lot of cool stuff happening with LTMs so keep an eye out because we'll be sharing more in future seasons!" West replied.

This response was lackluster for the hundreds of fans who also wanted to know more about the arcade mode possibility.

"I have a feeling this AMA is going to be entirely vague non answers like this," someone replied.

Another said it was clearly a "PR" answer, wondering why West even "bothered" to respond with something so vague.

The Apex Legends community is now waiting for tomorrow when the developers will discuss weapons and legends, which may be a bit juicier of a discussion.

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