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ImperialHal Controller Settings (2023)

Want to one clip like the CEO does? Why not copy his exact up to date controller settings?

ImperialHal is one of the most iconic Apex Legends players of all time. Nicknamed the CEO, he has won LAN titles on both Mouse and Controller. But, what settings does he use to achieve this? Embrace your inner CEO with these ImperialHal Controller Settings.

Currently, ImperialHal is using a "Pro Pick - Xbox Series X Controller" from Battlebeaver.

Hal shows off his Battlebeaver Controller
Hal shows off his Battlebeaver Controller

What controller settings does ImperialHal use?

First in the ImperialHal controller settings is his button layout, Hal is using the default button layout because he uses a claw grip with no changes at all to the buttons on the controller.

ImperialHal controller settings: Movement/Aiming

  • Look Sensitivity: 4
  • Look Sensitivity (ADS): 3
  • Response Curve: Linear
  • Look Deadzone: None
  • Movement Deadzone: Small
  • Inverted Look: Off
  • Vibration: Off

ImperialHal said that he swapped to Linear from Classic because he felt "handicapped" when using Classic Response Curve. It didn't feel right to him, and he experimented with a range of options to see what suited to him. Linear has a much more raw input. This means when Hal turns his stick it is always the same speed. Whereas Classic slowly increases speed. ImperialHal suggests that Classic is better for beginners to use however.

ImperialHal competing at LAN (Photo EA/Joe Brady)
ImperialHal competing at LAN (Photo EA/Joe Brady)

Hal does recommended that instead of copying this list of ImperialHal Controller settings, new controller players first try 4-2 Linear with small deadzone, then reducing to no deadzone once you get comfortable.

Does ImperialHal use ALCs?

The short answer is No.

The longer answer is still No. However, ImperialHal explains that this is because he feels there are simply just too many settings to figure out in order to find the perfect sensitivity for him. He feels that 4-3 Linear is a lot more consistent, and it works for him. So, that is why there are no ALCs in the ImperialHal Controller Settings.

So, that is the rundown of all of the current ImperialHal Controller settings. Why not give them a go, and see how they feel for you? Just remember - all settings are personal preference!

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