iiTzTimmy finishes epic ‘solo Bronze to Predator’ challenge in non-stop 54 hour stream cover image

iiTzTimmy finishes epic ‘solo Bronze to Predator’ challenge in non-stop 54 hour stream

Twitch streamer iiTzTimmy completes epic ‘solo Bronze to Predator’ challenge in one stream.

One stream and 54 hours later the Apex Legends star finished the challenge with a win

Twitch streamer Timothy "iiTzTimmy" An just completed one of the most impressive gaming challenges in history. The Apex Legends star climbed his way from Bronze to Predator in a non-stop 54-hour stream... all by himself.

iiTzTimmy climbed the ladder to Predator without stopping in under 3 days. That means no sleep, brief pauses for food and bathroom breaks and relying on his chat to feed him energy through emotes. Lucky for him, he reached a huge milestone for viewer count topping out at 147,000 viewers.

Apex Legends boasts a phenomenal ranked system. With Bronze being the first stage, players must gain points in the hopes to eventually reach Masters level. From there, only the top 750 players on any given platform will be awarded Predator status. Each season the ever-popular battle royale sees hundreds of the game's top players fight it out to see who can reach Predator status first. It's a difficult and painful feat even for seasoned players. However, for solo gamers, it's especially challenging.

Along with the challenges came a few bright moments. During one late-night game, iiTzTimmy found himself teammates with Nickmercs. While it's unclear if Nick knew what he was taking part in, they secured the win nonetheless. A few minutes later 100 gifted subs arrived on Timmy's stream from the legendary controller player.

iiTzTimmy tested himself in the final hours

Timmy is no stranger to difficult tasks. After all, he pioneered the ranked challenge by previously going from Bronze to Masters in one stream. He also holds the Apex Legends world record for most damage in one game.

It took him only 5 hours to climb from Bronze 4 to Diamond 4 but a whopping 39 hours from Diamond 4 to Masters. Players are put into lobbies with serious gamers and professional teams once they reach the upper ranks of Diamond and Masters. Therefore, the remaining 10 hours were the most difficult. Timmy found himself struggling to maintain energy.

With only a few points left to reach Predator, he randomly qued onto a team with Genburten, one of Apex Legend's most talented controller players. As the final circle began to close on what could be his final game, Timmy secured a kill and placement points putting him over the threshold. Unfortunately, a new team quickly swooped in and eliminated him. Timmy knew he had finished the challenge, but wanted to end the epic run with a win. As the final team closed in on a solo Genburten, Timmy watched in amazement as the Aussie handled business. Genburten 1v3'd the final team and secured the win.

iiTzTimmy leaned back and reveled in his accomplishment as followers, subs, emotes and congratulations rolled in.