Hilarious bug in Apex Legends allows players to hide in loot bins cover image

Hilarious bug in Apex Legends allows players to hide in loot bins

A hilarious bug in Apex Legends allows players to hide in loot bins and catch unsuspecting looters off-guard

Apex Legends has always known to be a game with its fair share of bugs. Most of the time, these bugs are harmlessly hilarious, but sometimes they can break the game. The harmless bugs can make for some fun shenanigans.

When it comes to shenanigans in Apex Legends, the YouTuber BeanBag is notorious. The game is full of sweats who enjoy the gunplay and casuals who just play for some fun but BeanBag is all about those memes and pranks. His latest being a bug that allows players to hide in loot bins in Apex Legends.

He recently discovered a bug that allows players to hide in loot bins. Apparently, this is something he's been trying for a while, to no avail. That was until Meteor_Sven, a Pro-Apex coach and analyst discovered this bug and tagged him in a tweet. Of course, BeanBag pounced on the opportunity and tried it himself with his buddy. He's uploaded a video titled "Jack In The Box Trap in Apex Legends" and it is absolutely hilarious, as is the community reaction.

What is the loot bin bug in Apex Legends?

All maps in Apex Legends have loot bins that are propped up against walls. When a player jumps atop the bin and crouches before opening it, they can enter the loot bin in a crouched position. The bin itself will close and visually, it appears as if it hasn't been looted yet. Players trying this will need to be careful though because sometimes, the head of the legend they're playing will pop outside the bin. Most players aren't that observant and are likely to just interact with a closed bin on impulse. However, there will be a few players that spot the head and just kill you. Your best bet is to try this with a shorter legend like Wraith, Lifeline or Wattson.

It's a trap!

BeanBag's YouTube video is aptly titled and this bug can be exploited to catch unsuspecting looters off-guard. That's exactly what he tries in the video and when executed seriously, the results can be quite devastating AND funny. At one point in the video, BeanBag sets up a full Rampart defence around a single lootbin and hides in it with Sheila. His squadmate baits them by getting killed and leaving a purple deathbox in it for good measure. As soon as they enter the walls, BeanBag shredded them with Sheila, an instant squad wipe.

Loot goblins, beware

There's plenty of players that prefer to go about looting and leveling up their gear before they engage in fights. Some of them are greedier for loot than others and tend to be a little overenthusiastic in how far they stray from their teams to get loot for themselves. A lot of these are Octane mains. Imagine how funny it'll be if they run ahead and open a loot-bin only to find a Rampart in there with Sheila ready to melt their face. Or a Caustic with an R99 and a gas canister that farts in their face as soon as they open it.

Remember the fridge in World's Edge?

This bug essentially exploits a weird instance of the player model clipping into the bin. A couple of years ago, a similar bug showed up on World's Edge near Fragment which allowed players to clip into a tiny refrigerator and hide. The Fridge essentially had no geometry on the inside. Of course, it was BeanBag who popularised the bug with another hilariously chaotic video on YouTube with his friends.

Season 14 of Apex Legends is well underway and hopefully, the developers take notice of this bug (or don't, if players want the shenanigans to continue). This definitely looks like something that can be patched with a quick hotfix. We've already seen and embraced the absolute chaos caused by the bug that switched up Legend abilities and that got fixed.