Hilarious Apex Legends Mobile glitch swaps character animations and faces cover image

Hilarious Apex Legends Mobile glitch swaps character animations and faces

A hilarious glitch in Apex Legends Mobile is causing character faces and animations to get swapped during the selection screen.

We've all imagined Apex Legends characters with swapped animations, but a glitch in Apex Legends Mobile is making it real. Twitter is rife with hilarious posts by Apex Legends Mobile players sharing their encounters with this glitch. All sorts of character combinations are possible and the glitch manifests in different ways. In the character selection screen, when players pick a character, the selection animation ends up being a different character.

How can the glitch be triggered?

The glitch usually happens in the character selection screen. Players who get the second or third pick in the squad end up getting the legend animation from the previous pick. For instance, if the player who picked first picks Wraith, and the second player has Loba selected, they'll end up getting Loba with Wraith's animation. Additionally, the glitch also causes a weird amalgamation of faces. Like Loba with Gibraltar's animation ends up getting Gibraltar's face. This glitch doesn't necessarily occur as per the team selections though. A lot of players are ending up with Loba's character model performing a bunch of animations.

What sort of combinations have been discovered?

Several players have posted their own results on Twitter, but combinations around Wraith and Loba seem common. The glitch was present in the game before but it wasn't as common as it is now. We've seen players post Gibraltar with Wraith's animation, Wraith with Pathfinder's face among others. In essence, players can encounter this glitch with every character.

Is this glitch only on Apex Legends Mobile?

As of now, there haven't been any instances of this glitch appearing on Apex Legends on PC or console versions. So yes, this appears to be a mobile-only glitch. Apex Legends Mobile players talk about the game's glitches quite frequently and there seem to be plenty of them. This one is pretty similar to the "Ability Draft" bug on Apex Legends. This was on the PC and Console versions of the game, where players would end up picking a legend in the selection screen and getting other abilities.