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Hardecki signs for Gaimin Gladiators

Hardecki has joined Gaimin Gladiators. He will be joined by the complete ex-Gambit roster. The team will relocate to Serbia to compete in the next year of ALGS.

Hardecki, alongside his long term teammates has joined Gaimin Gladiators. The former Gambit roster will relocate to Serbia to compete in the third year of ALGS.

This is the Gladiators first venture into Apex esports. The growing org has teams in Dota 2, Rocket League, R6 and CS:GO as well as some other minor titles.

Hardecki, Leogri, Artyco and PKMK have a Pro League invite for year 3 and are one of the most successful teams in the EMEA region.

Stability for Hardecki and team

This signing will provide some stability and security for the ex-Gambit roster. All 4 players have been heavily affected by Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Hardecki, Leogri and PKMK are all Russian, and had to relocate to compete in the last Pro League split. Artyco was unable to compete at the ALGS Championship because he was stuck in Ukraine. If he is able to move to Serbia straight away is yet to be seen.

Photo Credit: EA
Photo Credit: EA

The team went by the name 'Players' in that split of Pro League, having moved to Turkey temporarily. They performed incredibly, winning the opening day. They went on to secure a place at LAN in Raleigh.

It wasn't a vintage performance from Hardecki and team at LAN, they finished 21st. Furthermore, in the Sweden playoffs before that, they also struggled and placed only 23rd. But, both of these performances were without Artyco - when the global situation eventually improves they will benefit from their full team at future LAN's. So this does leave an asterisk over these performances - Coach PKMK is a good player, but he is the coach for a reason and not quite at the same level as Artyco.

Gaimin Gladiators putting support in place

Gaimin Gladiators seem to acknowledge the unique situation that this team faces, stating that "We look to provide the team all the necessary tools to be the best!" in their announcement.

However as the team gets settled and competes together again they should easily return to the top of the scene and challenge globally.

Photo Credit: EA
Photo Credit: EA

The last 6 months must've been unbelievably difficult for the whole team - and while it is understandable why they had to leave Gambit their support would've been invaluable. The EMEA Apex scene is absolutely devoid of tournaments outside of ALGS, so it is hard to overstate how crucial this signing is to the team.

Hardecki - the best EMEA has?

While the whole Gaimin Gladiators roster is talented, none are more gifted than Hardecki. The esports.gg EMEA slayer of the year is possibly the most talented player mechanically in the whole EMEA region.

He is renowned among fans and players alike. In the last split of Pro League, even having just relocated across the world he still dominated. He impressed fellow pros such as Sweedreams, who was left speechless at this end game play.

Gaimin Gladiators will be hoping that Hardecki can help put their organisation on the map in Apex Legends.

Hardecki's CV:

  • 1st - ALGS 2021 Split 1 Pro League
  • 2nd - ALGS 2022 Split 2 Pro League
  • 3rd - ALGS Split 1 Playoffs EMEA
  • 3rd - Winter Circuit Playoffs
  • 8th - ALGS 2021 Championship

The 19 year old has already racked up an impressive $73,883 in personal career earnings; can he add to that with the Gaimin Gladiators?

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