As the Raiders event closes, the Apex community has developed tons of new reticles! Join us as we look through 5 great options. [Image from @WardenFPS]

In the newest update of Apex Legends, the developers at respawn added custom reticles options. Now, as the event closes and people have highly personalized their own reticles. So, we've brought you guys 5 great, popular reticles that people use to help make a decision on which color to pick!

How to change your reticle options

Changing your reticle is relatively simple, but its quite hidden away in the settings. In the Gameplay settings of Apex, right before the Accessibility settings is a hidden away reticle option. By switching it to "customize", you are then taken to a new interface with a color selection tool. Then its just a matter of playing with the values until you find a reticle you like. There is also the option to preview the reticle in different environments on Olympus, Worlds Edge and Storm Point.

The Lime green reticle - 100 340 19

As soon as the the Raiders patch dropped and introduced reticle changing among other features, variations of green reticles have become insanely popular. Professionals like Torrent's Euriece utilize this green reticle and it works wonders. Although there can be some issues with it mixing with the greenery on Storm Point, the green reticle shines other side of the equation on World's Edge.

Light pink Apex reticle - 1020 510 765

Definitley one of the more unique options out there, this light pink reticle is a slight variation of the default red reticle. The difference between the classic red reticle and this pink one feels like a cheeseburger to a normal burger. Both are amazing, but the slight addition (in this case the pink), adds some great flavor to a classic dish.

LuluLuvley's Cyan reticle - 255 765 765

On the opposite side of the classic red reticle in this cyan reticle option. This unique blue reticle is utilized by one of the most popular female Apex streamers LuluLuvely. With this unique preset, the reduced glow works wonders in most environments and is easy on the eyes.

Neon purple - 1255 255 1255

My personal favorite (and current) reticle is this bright, neon purple reticle. This vibrant reticle option is distinct enough that it won't blend in with your environment, but it's been criticized for being too bright. However, the bright reticle allows easy tracking as there aren't many things that share the same color as the reticle.

NRG Sweet's Secret Blue Apex Reticle - 200 250 1250

NRG's Sweet highlights in his YouTube video a sneaky blue reticle option. Unfortunately, its only available to Steam players as you have to input it directly into the launch settings. However, there are similar alternatives that can get you close to this deep neon blue reticle color.

Regardless, it is a great option for those who play on steam and can change this setting. The deep blue is bright enough that tracking targets is easy and concise, while still not being overwhelmingly bright.