Everything you need to know about the new skirmisher class in Apex Legends cover image

Everything you need to know about the new skirmisher class in Apex Legends

The skirmisher class is new to Apex Legends Season 16, bringing a new perk and playstyle to the battle royale.

Instead of a new legend, Apex Legends got a legend class rework in Season 16. This brought five distinct classes to the battle royale, each with their own unique perk. One of the new classes is skirmisher, a pretty new concept to Apex Legends.

What is the skirmisher class in Apex Legends?

The skirmisher is a new class in Apex Legends that includes these legends:

  • Octane
  • Pathfinder
  • Mirage
  • Wraith
  • Horizon
  • Valkryie

The legends in the skirmisher class all have mobility abilities that let them move in and out of situations. EA described them as the first ones in a fight. They also provide rotation options for their team, allowing them to leave dangerous fights or get to an important part of the map first.

What perk does the skirmisher class get?

Every new class in Apex Legends comes with a perk that's unique to the legends within that class. These are meant to give them an upper hand in situations inspired by their strengths.

Legends classified as skirmishers will have the ability to see the contents of a Care Package in advance as well as what items have already been taken, allowing their team to decide if it's worth heading over for a possible fight or not.

Skirmisher perk:

  • Care Package revealed if a skirmisher looks at it for a few seconds
    • They can be spotted in the air as they fall or at their landing location if within range
  • Can see which items have already been taken by another team, indicated by turning grey
  • Can ping map icons or in-world icons for teammates

Best skirmishers in Apex Legends

Season 16 has been around a few days and players have had the chance to try out the new perks. So which legends in the skirmisher class have become the most useful when their abilities and the skirmisher perk is combined? Here are the best skirmishers to use in Apex Legends in Season 16.

S-tier: Wraith

Wraith is currently S-tier due to her OP kit. Her passive allows her to instantly reveal if an enemy is nearby and aiming at her. And her tactical and ultimate allow for insane mobility options. Her tactical is considered one of the best in the entire game thanks to the 30% speed boost and invulnerability, allowing her to jump into a battle and then escape with ease. With Wraith, it's easy for the entire team to get great positioning and stay on top of any situation.

A-Tier: Octane

Octane is another incredibly agile skirmisher that can catch enemies off guard by quickly approaching and repositioning rapidly. His jump pad allows his team to also reach unexpected areas. It recharges quickly as well, making Octane a great choice for teams looking to rotate quickly and stay ahead of competitors.

A-Tier: Valkyrie

This legend takes to the sky with her jetpack, allowing her to consistently reposition to surprising areas and get the upperhand during rotations. Additionally, Valkyrie has a kit that allows her to reveal enemies, letting her team stay one step ahead at all times whether they are hoping to overpower opposing teams or reach areas quickly and safely.

A-Tier: Pathfinder

Pathfinder is one of the most beloved legends thanks to his wholesome positivity even in the face of danger — or while killing someone. But Pathfinder is also a great skirmisher to keep around for his useful mobility options. His grapple allows his entire team to reach new areas quickly and find the best positioning possible while rotating or going into a fight.

B-Tier: Horizon

Horizon has great mobility and she can even start fighting right when she lands, making her a great pick for more aggressive players. But she has a few downsides that make her less impactful than other skirmishers, including the fact that opponents can use her vertical boost tactical and her ultimate isn't very impactful at all.

D-Tier: Mirage

Poor, poor Mirage. It's no surprise at this point, but he's at the bottom in Season 16. His voice lines are a lot of fun and his cloning ability is entertaining, but Mirage doesn't do much to help his team when it comes to mobility and he also isn't too agile himself, especially when compared to other skirmishers.