Everything you need to know about gifting in Apex Legends cover image

Everything you need to know about gifting in Apex Legends

Apex Legends is adding gifting as a feature in Season 15, where players will be able to buy cosmetics as gifts for their friends in-game.

The season of giving is almost upon us and Apex Legends is here to join in on the party. Along with the latest Stories from the Outlands trailer, the developers announced that a "gifting" feature is coming to the game. It's a great way to encourage friends to play Apex Legends together and build bonds with existing Apex Legends friends. EA published a blog about the new feature and there are a few things players need to know about it before they get all excited.

Login Verification and at least a Level 10 Account

The main prerequisites for gifting are that you need to have login verification enabled and at least a Level 10 account. Needless to say, you also need to be friends in-game with the person you'll be sending a gift. According to EA's blog post, your account must also be "in good standing" and you must be friends with the giftee for at least two weeks before being able to send them a gift. And yes, if you've already been friends for more than two weeks prior to the Season 15 launch, you'll instantly gain access to the gifting feature when it releases.

How to use the gifting feature in Apex Legends

When you receive a gift, it'll show up in your in-game inbox
When you receive a gift, it'll show up in your in-game inbox

EA have provided detailed steps for the gifting process in their blog. It's a fairly straightforward process. Players will need to go to the store from the lobby, like they always do to buy stuff. Giftable items and bundles will have the "Gift" button when they are viewed. Upon selecting the gift option, players will need to select the friend they want to send a gift to and buy it. The friend will receive the gift in their inbox.

What kind of gifts can be given?

Image Credits - EA
Image Credits - EA

You can gift your friends any type of cosmetic in-game, ranging from Legend and gun skins to weapon charms, holosprays, emotes and more. Gifts can be in the form of single items as well as bundles, depending on what is available in the store for gifting. You cannot gift Apex Coins, event packs or thematic packs immediately, but they've mentioned in the FAQs that this will be possible in the future.

Can we gift items from our inventory?

Unfortunately, no you cannot gift items from your inventory. You'll need to buy gifts from the store and there's no other way to do this. Many players had this question because they believed they could gift any of their extra legendary skins (if any) to their friends, making the most of a win-win situation. There's no indication of whether or not this will be a feature in a future update so don't get your hopes up.

When can we send gifts to our friends?

You can start sending gifts to your buddies and try out the new Legend and map in Apex Legends once Season 15 goes live. That will be on the 1st of November.