Esports organizer BLAST expands to Apex Legends with $46,000 BLAST Titans cover image

Esports organizer BLAST expands to Apex Legends with $46,000 BLAST Titans

Esports tournament organizer BLAST is expanding its horizons this week as they venture into the world of Apex Legends. Europes best will go head to head in it’s newest tournament. The winner will receive a share of the $40,000 pool.

The Apex Legends esports scene will be witnessing a brand new tournament on July 23. BLAST Titans will pit forty of Europe's finest squads against each other with the prize pool being 40,000 euros ( $46,000). This is not the first time BLAST has ventured out into Battle Royales. BLAST partnered with Fortnite to produce the Fortnite Champion Series All-Star Showdown.

BLAST continues to expand their market

For fans unfamiliar with BLAST, they are well known for their highly successful BLAST Premier CSGO events. In 2020, an offset group from the company RFRSH formed BLAST ApS. The Blast Pro Series was created in the same year, bringing Europe and North America's best to fight it out in their respective events. Despite the lack of in-person events, BLAST continues to provide the highest quality of entertainment for its esports events.

<em>Image courtesy of Esports Insider via Blast Pro Series</em>
Image courtesy of Esports Insider via Blast Pro Series

What is the BLAST Titans format?

The tournament will consist of forty teams. The first twenty will be the definitive best teams in Europe based on recent performances, the next ten will be invited as wildcard teams and the final ten will earn their place through the qualifiers.

In the Double Elimination stage, teams will be split into two groups of twenty. The top five in each group will advance to the upper bracket while the bottom ten teams advance to the lower bracket. Once the bracket stage is complete, the teams will compete in the Double Elimination finals on July 25.

Fans familiar with the ALGS will feel right at home with how the finals work. Once a team reaches a minimum amount of points (TBD), their next match will be a "Match Point Eligible" game for that team. There is no limit on how many teams can be eligible for a match point. Once a winner has been declared, the remaining teams will be ranked based on points as the tournament moves onto the "Arenas".

Twenty teams will compete on the arenas stage. The teams will compete in a single-elimination bracket. Until the last 8, all matches will be a best-of-three. Once the tournament has reached the last eight, all matches will be a best-of-five.

All top 10 teams from ALGS EU Championships to attend BLAST Titans

Interestingly the invite list includes almost every single team that competed in the ALGS EU Championships last month, including #1st place winners SCARZ Europe.

Here is a list of the teams that will be competing in the BLAST Titans Apex Legends tournament:

Performance Invitation

  • SCARZ Europe (Winners of ALGS EU Championship)
  • Fire Beavers (#2 ALGS EU Championship)
  • soloQgoats (#3 ALGS EU Championship)
  • UNDERRATED (#4 ALGS EU Championship)
  • Aqualix (#5 ALGS EU Championship)
  • Endeavour (#6 ALGS EU Championship)
  • Forg Gang (#7 ALGS EU Championship)
  • Gambit Esports (#8 ALGS EU Championship)
  • Alliance (#9 ALGS EU Championship)
  • Natus Vincere (#10 ALGS EU Championship)
  • BearClaw Gaming Europe
  • NEW Esports
  • FlavorOfTheMonth
  • Totem Esports
  • Top Dogs
  • Magicians
  • K1CK
  • Flight of Fnacy
  • Kungarna
  • Orgless and Hungry

Wildcard Invitation

  • 789
  • Morning Stars
  • 1907 Fenerbahçe Esports
  • Myztro Gaming
  • Team Emarly
  • Team ottr
  • BuffRevl
  • Phoenix Legacy
  • Team gdolphn

Open Qualifiers

  • ahahhah
  • LastChanceBoys
  • Australis
  • AJS
  • Game of Drones
  • WLS
  • MajorPushers
  • Request
  • Cladione Fanboys

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