Post ALGS stats were posted regarding the pick rates of legends in grand final matches. We are here to break it down and fill you in!

Statistics regarding the competitive Apex scene are hard to find, as Respawn tends not to reveal too much about win rates and pick rates of legends. We only get a glimpse during Dev Q&A's, where they mention win rates and pick rates. However, Singh Labs has posted some ALGS stats regarding legend pick rates and the top players who play them.

The ALGS statistics that are in the post include most recent S and A-tier tournaments. The list includes 2019's X Games Finals, the recent GLL Masters, PGL Showdown, the Preseason Invitational and all the ALGS Finals. Before the upcoming patch notes get released we can take a look at the current competitive meta through the stats.

Top Players

Before the specifics of the stats, Singh Labs also got stats on player appearances in grand final games. Its no surprise that TSM is at the top, with both ImperialHal and Reps tied for 225 games. TSM has been around since the early days of Apex, and has participated and placed consistently well in most tournaments. Following right behind the TSM boys is NRG's Sweet with 219 and Sentinel's Senoxe.

Unfortunately, in EMEA the number of games are close but not as high. The Apex scene in EMEA is not on the same level of popularity of NA, and so the number of grand final games lower. The player who's played the most in grand finals is Gambit's Artyco with 200 games, followed by Alliance's Vaifs with 190 games. This is most likely due to most Apex tournaments being held in NA rather than EU.

Top Legend picks for NA (ALGS Stats)

No legend has made it past the 200 games played in grand finals mark in either region. However, the top legend Wraith, is on the cusp. Its no surprise that Wraith is there with 192 total grand final games. She has been insanely popular since day 1 due to her kit. She has been seen on almost every team composition since early competitive Apex, and for good reason.

Following a close second is Gibraltar with 137 games. As our tier list explains, Gibby's kit is phenomenal for his offensive and defensive capabilities. His popularity has been slowly climbing behind Wraith and he proves over and over why he is such a force to be reckoned with in competitive Apex.

Surprisingly in third place is Wattson with 121 grand final games. This is surprising as seeing Wattson in competitive Apex nowadays is a rare sight. In the past she used to be a common pick as a defensive legend. However, as the game evolved past defensive playstyles, Wattson lost popularity.

Another interesting tendency in North America is Crypto, who has around the same amount of games as his counterpart Bloodhound. In the past, Bloodhound was the staple Legend to gather information. However, Crypto has been resurging as a contender for the best information gathering legend. TeQ has a total of 103 games on Crypto, while Reptar has 102 grand final games on Bloodhound.

The top legends for EMEA (ALGS Stats)

However a noticeable difference in regions is in the proximity of how many games the top 3 other legends share. Pathfinder, Gibraltar and Wattson all fall within 4 grand final games of each other. Pathfinder has 115 games, Gibby has 113 and Wattson has 111 grand final games. Unlike NA where there are clear distinctions between the popularity of the legends, its a lot closer in EMEA.

Some rare occurrences

Singh Labs also took note of the rarely played legends in grand final matches that should be mentioned. In EMEA, the infamous ShivFPS' Bangalore has 36 games and Taskmas33r' equally famous Loba with 6 games. Additionally, there were 2 appearances by mirage surprisingly. The first in NA with MattPicket with 14 games and MirageJade in APAC N with 8 games.

With the stats published, its nice to see overall standings of the popularity of the legends in competitive play. Hopefully, with the new patch notes coming out soon, we can see some relatively untouched legends join the fray. But until then, stick around and let us give you the rundown of all things Apex.