EEC ‘Lovin roster change, take first ALGS Pro league victory cover image

EEC ‘Lovin roster change, take first ALGS Pro league victory

EEC take the win!

Eternal Esports Club (EEC) took their first ever ALGS Pro League victory, opening up a difficult but possible path to a spot at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs. They snatched victory away from DarkZero, who took second and booked their spot at LAN in the process.

This was the first set of ALGS games in North America after the Season 20 update.

EEC take first ever Pro League win

EEC were one of a handful of teams to make a roster change during the mini ALGS Pro League break. They added McLovin to their roster, who took over IGL duties for the roster.

This change paid off, with EEC looking like a roster reborn across the days six games. EEC sat all the way down in 26th position in the regions overall leaderboard before the days games. They will catapult up the standings, opening a thin path to LAN if they can lock their spot in the Regional Finals.

EEC positioned themselves incredibly all day. In the days fifth game, they picked up a victory thanks to taking a powerful spot in the zone. With teams at their mercy, they were comfortably able to watch the final teams jump on each other to battle for second and clean up the remains to take a game victory.

EEC also had a very strong game on Worlds Edge. They showed ALGS fans they have a serious kill switch with their new roster. Racking up 13 kills, they swept the outside of the 'Egg Shell' near Stacks to secure a top three position in an incredibly chaotic game.

It's reasonable to feel pretty surprised by EEC's performance today. The question for this roster will be if they can find some consistency and keep delivering strong results in the games they have left.

DarkZero book spot at LAN

DarkZero have now qualified for LAN with their performance today. With two game days, and Regional Finals left, it is impossible that DarkZero will not finish in the top 11 in the North American standings.

It was another solid performance by DarkZero today. Their Pro League has been so consistently fantastic that a second place feels almost unremarkable. There has been a clear reaction to their ALGS Championship disappointment across this Pro League split.

DarkZero are oozing confidence. They successfully chased XSET away from Skyhook West and Trials during the mini break, flexing their strong position to force XSET to change drops. With a new spot to plan for, they can now start to prepare with LAN in mind after todays great performance.

Top Five

  • EEC - 69
  • DarkZero - 63
  • Legacy - 48
  • Moist Esports - 46
  • Sentinels - 46

Caustic is taking hold in North America

Season 20 was expected to shake up the meta. While predictions of some weird and wonderful combinations (sorry Pathfinder and Vantage) don't seem to have yet come true, there is a clear shift in the ALGS meta post update.

However, it seems to be more of blasts of the pasts rather than new innovations. OpTic Gaming brought back Valkyrie, Caustic and Gibraltar on Worlds Edge. Bloodhound was as popular as during their peak, and Caustic is now comfortably the most picked controller legend.

Like in EMEA, we did see some Lifeline picked too. But she is firmly still a fringe pick in this region as well. Only Complexity picked her on Worlds Edge, and she didn't feature at all on Storm Point.

NA ALGS Pick Rates:

  • Bangalore - 93%
  • Caustic - 80%
  • Bloodhound - 69%
  • Horizon - 18%
  • Conduit - 9%
  • Valkyrie - 6%
  • Gibraltar - 5%
  • Crypto - 5%
  • Fuse - 4%
  • Catalyst - 4%
  • Lifeline - 2%
  • Wattson - 2%
  • Wraith - 2%