Aurora win ANOTHER week of ALGS Pro League cover image

Aurora win ANOTHER week of ALGS Pro League

Aurora are off to LAN.

Aurora won their third week of the ALGS EMEA Pro League. They officially booked their spot at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs as a result. They were pushed hard by LCDF, who finished second.

This win will come as a great relief to Aurora fans. Apex Legends Season 20 seemed to really nerf how Aurora were playing in the past, but they have adapted effortlessly.

Aurora are headed to LAN

Aurora have now completely secured their spot at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs later in the Spring. Their win today puts them at almost 100 points in the overall standings, which is more than enough to secure top eight in the EMEA region.

Aurora navigated several tricky zones perfectly. Their final game was by far their best. The days victors found themselves in an engagement with LCDF, who were first at the time, in a fight that would decide who took the days victory.

Photo: EA
Photo: EA

Aurora's positioning was a key factor in how they were able to dispatch the all french team. While LCDF were getting poked and prodded at by the entire zone, Aurora had a clear back and only one direction to worry about.

There was some concern that changes to crafting, and a hypothetical death of edge gameplay would harm Aurora after Season 20 released. However, playing edge in the ALGS seems as viable as ever. Navigating from EVO Harvester to Harvester allows you to get your EVO Shields up effectively.

Screenshot: EA
Screenshot: EA

Lifeline, which was used by Aurora, also allows them to get equipment, EVO points and reset from fights effectively. She seems a great pick for the fighting heavy style that Aurora love to deploy.

With their LAN position secured, Aurora can now turn their attention to preparing for the global event. While we don't yet know where it is, or when it is, we now know that Aurora will be one of the eight EMEA teams in attendance.

Aurora lead day's top five:

  • Aurora - 74
  • LCDF - 68
  • Team Portugal - 53
  • Alliance - 50
  • Made In Heaven - 48

How did Season 20 shake up the EMEA Pro League meta?

This was the first EMEA ALGS Pro League since Apex Season 20 released. The new legend perks system completely shook up all the legends. Scrims in the lead up to the event saw teams experimenting with a great amount of legends.

However, at least in EMEA, the meta didn't shift that wildly. At least, in a direction we haven't seen before. Today's games saw Bloodhound, Valkyrie and Caustic increase in popularity in the ALGS. This makes sense, Bloodhound and Valkyrie both fell out of favour when their abilities received nerfs. With their perks undoing these nerfs, it is not a surprise they are back in contention.

Valkyrie (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)
Valkyrie (Image via Electronic Arts Inc.)

Caustic's main reason for being back in the meta is two-fold. Catalyst took some nerfs, opening up a spot with teams who want to run a controller legend. Additionally, one of his first set of perks increases the spread of his NOX Gas Ultimate by 50%. The Caustic Ultimate was already a very powerful tool, but the extra buff from that ability makes gambling on Caustic worth the risk.


However we did see two of the regions leading teams bring Lifeline to the ALGS. Aurora (on both maps, and OAH on Storm Point deployed Lifeline in their Pro League matches today.

Lifeline has always struggled to get a foothold in the ALGS. We've seen her flirt with the competition before, last as a counter to Seer cancelling revives. Now, her ability (when on a Purple shield) to drop a game drop Care package seems to give her a place as an off meta choice. You'll get a weapon from this pack, and possibly an EVO Cache too.

Getting to purple armour is easier said than done however. It might be worth noting that the two Lifeline teams are both in strong positions in the overall leaderboard. This gives them more room to experiment. We might see more teams choose to try Lifeline tomorrow, and she certainly has something to offer.

EMEA pick rates:

  • Bloodhound - 83%
  • Bangalore - 81%
  • Caustic - 39%
  • Valkyrie - 24%
  • Wattson - 24%
  • Horizon - 14%
  • Catalyst - 10%
  • Crypto - 8%
  • Lifeline - 8%
  • Conduit - 7%
  • Revenant - 2%
  • Gibraltar - 2%