Revenant rework is official. The Season 4 legend will be given a new look and new abilities for Season 18: Resurrection.

The storyline animation Kill Code: Part 2 released moments ago, confirms rumours of a Revenant rework coming in Apex Legends Season 18. It also shared the name of the new season: Resurrection.

Revenant will be entirely reworked for Season 18

New Revenant's abilities - Update August 2

Revenant's new abilities were showcased during an official iiTzTimmy stream on August 2.

Assassin's Instinct (Passive): Faster crouch speed and wall climb. Revenant can also see nearby enemies that are low on health. If Revenant drops their low himself then he

Shadow Pounce (Tactical): Unleash a powerful pounce upwards and forward. Can jump onto a wall for improved wall climb. You can hold to charge Shadow Pounce for a bigger leap. Knocks on enemies during Revenant's ultimate will reset Shadow Pounce.

Shroud of Shadows (Ultimate): Creates a Shroud of Shadows around Revenant that protects him from incoming damage such as melee, bullets and explosives (but not AOE effects). Shroud of Shadows can take 75 damage before being destroyed. Once destroyed it will regenerate over time as long as the ultimate is active. Knocking an enemy will immediately restore the Shroud of Shadows.

According to EA, Revenant's mind has been shattered and full of rage, which was hinted at in Kill Code: Part 1 and confirmed in Part 2. This means Revenant will be treated as a new legend in Apex Legends Season 18.

"Death is Reborn in Apex Legends: Resurrection. His mind shattered and full of rage, Revenant has a new look and new deadly abilities for players to experience. Embrace the darkness as you evoke fear across the Outlands with the reworked Legend."


Revenant was first added in Season 4 of Apex Legends back in February 2020. In terms of popularity Revenant has never been a mainstay at any season so far, and his upcoming rework falls in line with plans the developers shared to update old legends. This plan was shared ahead of Season 16: Revelry in February this year.

Apex Legends Season 18 will be released on August 8. Check our live countdown for the exact time in your region.

Revenant will be free for all players in Season 18

EA have shared that Revenant will be unlocked for all players for all of Apex Legends Season 18. However, you must complete quests during the season to unlock him permanently.

"What is happening me?!" Revenant in the Kill Code Part 2 showcasing his new look
"What is happening me?!" Revenant in the Kill Code Part 2 showcasing his new look

What are Revenant's new abilities in Season 18?

EA have not officially confirmed Revenant's new list of abilities. However, there have been recent rumours and leaks shared by Apex Legends creator Thordan Smash.

Rumoured abilities: (unconfirmed)

  • Shadow Form (Passive): Within the range [30 meters], Revenant can see enemies who health is lower than [40]. If Revenant hits the enemy below [40] health, the vision will be shared by the whole team.
  • Shadow Dash (Tactical): Revenant can perform a dash [20] meters without position, and press the [space] to perform a second dash.
  • Ultimate: Set down the Totem, knock down or kill enemies within the totem's area of effect restores health and armor [25 Health Point / 25 Armor Point]. The effective range of the totem is [50 meters]

Why does Revenant need a rework?

Analysis by Apex Lead writer Tom Bull

Revenant has been a very unpopular legend for several seasons. His pick rate has been hovering below 2.5% for the entirety of 2023. He has seen a small uptick as a result of the in game teasers around his rework however.

The reason he is so unpopular is because his abilities are simply unenjoyable. Both to use, and to face. When Revenant, combined with Octane, was meta there was a huge amount of complaints. His Totem feels like it is designed more to grief enemy teams than actually be effective.

Even then, Revenant was only considered meta because of his combination with another legend. He has never truly been a strong legend in his own right. Respawn appear to want to give Revenant his own space in the game, on his own merits. If Revenant is to be a meta legend, he has to be fun to play and not annoying to face.