Apex Legends Mobile players will finally get to try out Crypto, and he joins the roster with some interesting alterations to his abilities.

Apex Legends Mobile is getting a brand new season of gameplay and battle pass content. The Hyperbeat update brings a host of changes, updates and improvements to the existing game meta. Alongside all these, the most exciting aspect of the new season is that Crypto is coming to Apex Legends Mobile. He’s a legend that PC and console players are already familiar with. Added to the main game as the Season 4 legend, Crypto is a recon legend with a lot of abilities tied to his drone, which performs recon functions.

With a perk system that’s exclusive to Apex Legends Mobile, it’s quite likely that Crypto will be an interesting addition to the game. Along with Crypto, the update also brings a host of changes to the King’s Canyon map. The likes of Loba, Lifeline, and Fade get some great new skins that players can buy from the improved Store Vault.

Changes to Crypto’s Drone in Apex Legends Mobile

An interesting alteration to Crypto’s Drone allows it to passively follow him when he deploys it

PC and console players that are reading the patch notes will be annoyed when they read a specific detail. While the legend’s base abilities remain the same, there is one caveat. It’s followed by a dev note that states the drone will follow Crypto and automatically track nearby enemies for periods of time. Assuming this is upon it being deployed, it’s a pretty big deal. At least for main game players that feel Crypto needs abilities that aren’t tied to his drone. Having the drone follow him passively would surely improve his pick rates. At least on the main game.

It is important, however, to recognize that Apex Legends Mobile is in 3rd person and multitasking on mobile is much more difficult. This ability can turn into a double-edged sword that will make the drone predictable and easier to locate when Crypto isn’t controlling it. Opponents will be able to destroy it much quicker.

Crypto’s perks make him quite strong

Crypto has received a much-needed rework in Season 12. Here's what we analyzed from the rework.

The mobile-exclusive perk feature in Apex Legends brings a whole new dimension to the game’s meta. Every legend gets unique perks that can be unlocked and applied. Crypto’s perks offer a great range of options to spec him into either an aggressive recon or defensive one. Here’s the complete list of perks.

  • Self Destruct – When enemies destroy the drone, it initiates a self-destruct sequence that lasts 3 seconds, dealing damage to and slowing opponents caught in the radius.
  • Hidden User – Crypto becomes semi-transparent (like Mirage when he’s reviving) while in drone-view.
  • System Scan – The Drone will reveal an opponent’s HP and armor after three seconds of scanning
  • Shut Down – EMP will also deal damage to enemy HP, but will not kill them (If they’re low enough to die, they’ll survive on 1HP)
  • Lag Bomb – The drone can launch the EMP as a deployable bomb with similar effects.
  • Salvage Operation – Crypto can loot items with his drone
  • Battle Adaption – Successfully performing a finisher will add an extra 100 points to Crypto’s Evo-Shield
  • Restart – Using a finisher resets the drone’s HP and adds 30% to EMP cooldown completion
  • Interrogator – A successful finisher reveals the location of the victim’s teammates on the mini-map.

Obviously, with the way the perk system works, not every perk can be applied at the same time. Players will have to select and grind through a specific branch of perks based on how they’re distributed in-game.

Kings Canyon Changes

Rhapsody gets her own Town Takeover at King’s Canyon in the Hyperbeat Update

Kings Canyon is getting a makeover, of sorts in the Hyperbeat update. Rhapsody, the new legend from Season 3 is getting her own town takeover, referred to as the Pythas Theater in the patch notes. Seems like a great place to host a concert, or a bloodbath, whichever you prefer. Also new to King’s Canyon are “VIP Supply Bins”. These special supply bins will give players a VIP pass that provides access to powerful loot in the bins.

Exciting new skins and Store Vault changes

Hyperbeat brings some gorgeous-looking new skins, especially for Loba, Fade, and Lifeline. An interesting pink theme going on here. Loba’s getting a sexy new hairdo. Of course, it’ll attract comparisons with Sombra from Overwatch, which might just increase sales because it looks great. Fade looks like a badasse with fashion sense and Lifeline’s skin is rocking those hairbuns.

In addition to the new skins, the Store Vault will be receiving some improvements, much to the relief of many players. As players spend their Vault Tokens and continue to draw from the Store Vault, the chances of them receiving an Eternal Tier cosmetic will increase. These increased drop rates will reset after the player pulls an Eternal drop.

The Hyperbeat update will release at 5pm PDT across on August 23, across all servers. With yet another legend from the main game coming to mobile, the update brings some strong implications for the Apex Legends Universe. Apex Legends itself is nearly three weeks into Season 14, and you can read the details for that on our articles covering the weapon and legend meta.

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