Crypto is back to being the least-picked legend in Apex Legends. He has consistently been one of the most underwhelming legends.

Crypto is back to being the least picked legend after spending a short-lived few days as the second-to-least picked legend.

The gaming world celebrated on November 12th when Crypto suddenly lost his long-time title as “the least picked legend.” Crypto mains everywhere applauded as Newcastle slipped into the intel gatherer’s spot. But this was unfortunately not meant to be.

Crypto has long-been seen as a very weak legend in most metas. The hacker can gather intel on the enemy team but not anywhere near as well as other intel-gathering legends like Seer. The fact that Crypto has to stand in place as he lets out a drone leaves him vulnerable and not as mobile as other legends.

This has left Crypto with a low pick rate, especially in more aggressive competitive ranks. According to Apex Legends Status, Crypto has a pick rate of 1.3%. This data is based on 15.3 million players in the site’s API database, including all players in all game modes.

Interestingly, Crypto is a bit more popular with Apex Predator-ranked players. The gathered data is smaller in this rank and may not have as accurate results, but Crypto can be seen at 1%, which is a higher pick rate than 10 other legends. Fuse is the lowest at this rank at 0.3%.

Newcastle mains shocked at low pick rate in Apex Legends

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While Crypto is back down to the least-picked legend, he’s actually tied with Newcastle at 1.3% amongst all players in all game modes. This left a lot of Apex Legends players confused.

Newcastle mains say that the defensive legend is fun to play and he has a powerful kit. Unfortunately, Newcastle has not really fit in well in the current meta. His ultimate has also been a bit underwhelming, as it’s seen as more situational. He is also seen as a more team-based legend while most players like to just rush in to fights.

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