Cloud9 win incredibly tight lobby (NA Pro League Recap) cover image

Cloud9 win incredibly tight lobby (NA Pro League Recap)

Cloud9 secured victory in a tight lobby, as they climbed to 4th in the overall standings. On Saturday, NRG cruised to victory as they closed the gap on leaders Esports Arena.

Cloud9 took their first win of the 2nd split of Pro League, beating G2 in a very tight lobby on Sunday. The trio of Zachmazer, StayNaughty and Albralelie secured the victory by cleaning up the final game.

This was the third gameweek of the bumper ALGS Pro League schedule, meaning that we are now at the halfway stage of the split.

Pro League returns on Thursday, for a HUGE week of action. Teams play on Thursday/Friday (Gameweek 4), Saturday/Sunday (Gameweek 5) and then both groups play on Monday (Gameweek 6).

Dominant Cloud9 edge out tense group

Cloud9, who recently won the Carnage Cup, have been improving with each Gameweek. They recovered well from a slow start, earning just one point from their first two games. However, in a lobby with no clear run away leaders, it was anyone's match.

Cloud9's aggressive style reaps rewards

Cloud9 flew up the leaderboard, as they dropped 34 kills in the remaining four games. Interestingly, they have adopted Caustic on Worlds Edge and used the Gas trapper to dominate end games, picking up a 1st and 2nd place in the three Worlds Edge games. However, they are also very effective on Storm Point and have adapted quickly.

Using the Caustic ultimate when the circle is smallest Cloud9 were able to control end zones and deal huge damage. While Caustic has received significant nerfs in recent seasons; he is still incredibly powerful. Will other teams follow Cloud9's suit and move back to Caustic?

Cloud9's Zachmazer: "Having a coach in BR is vital"

In the post match interview with the ALGS main broadcast, Cloud9's IGL Zachmazer took the time to mention just how important he feels that having a coach is in BR. Cloud9 are coached by PVPX.

Getting additional assistance is especially important when a new map is added on short notice, and with a bumper schedule leaving minimal time between gameweeks. ZDavis (then of Lazarus) said the same thing when he spoke to in December noting just how time efficient having a coach/analyst can be.

This resource could help explain how Cloud9 have excelled since the introduction of Storm Point

Cloud9 finally nail down legend role for Albralelie

Zachmazer also noted how Albralelie has been growing into his new role on Gibraltar. Alb, who is undoubtedly one of the best mechanical players in the region, has not always been used to the best of his ability since he linked up with the Cloud9 roster.

However, he seems to be at his best on Gibraltar. This also helps bring the best out of controller warlord StayNaughty. Cloud9 sit 4th in the overall standings at the half way point, and appear to be finding the consistency that has sometimes held them back in recent months. They will be confident of securing a place at both the Playoff and Championship LANs.

Who's in the overall Top 10?

  • Esports Arena - 66
  • NRG - 62
  • 100T - 60
  • Cloud9 - 58
  • G2 - 58
  • TSM - 56
  • CLG - 42
  • SSG - 42
  • Sentinels - 40
  • Team Liquid - 40

100T and NRG keeping the pressure on Esports Arena

It was a strong showing from the 2nd and 3rd placed teams this gameweek. 100T secured a strong 4th place, while NRG dominated Saturday's action securing 1st place.

NRG, led by Sweetdreams, have found another gear. They secured victory in gameweek 2, and took advantage of the tight schedule to keep their momentum flowing.

Sweetdreams couldn't quite lead his team to his target of 100 points, however they were comfortably victorious. They have closed the gap to 1st place Esports Arena to just four points. Esports Arena took 3rd place this weekend.

100T back in the big time

While they have gone under the radar, overshadowed by teams like Cloud9, NRG and Esports Arena, 100T have manoeuvred themselves into a great position at the half way stage.

They were incredibly disappointing in the Playoffs, and seemed to struggle with the additional expectations having won the ALGS Championship and then signed for 100 Thieves.

This removed their underdog status and they have yet to find that form. However, they currently sit above playoff champions TSM and Pro League champions Sentinels.

The addition of Vaxlon from Renegades appears to have given them the boost they needed. They will be hoping to maintain this form.

Pro League returns next week, for a massive three-Gameweek triple header.

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