100 Thieves return to competitive Apex Legends after buying out the ALGS Champions roster from Team Kungarna.

Nadeshot and company have bought out the ALGS North America champions Team Kungarna to compete under the 100T banner

100 Thieves announced today that they'll re-enter competitive Apex Legends. In a recent tweet, the org announced it's signing the full roster from Team Kungarna, last year's ALGS champions. Kungarna shared on their Twitter that they were pleased to announce the acquisition of their Apex roster and that "we are now down to one roster as per ALGS rules", the other roster being their Kungarna EU division.

The ALGS championship winning NA roster of Nicholas "Vein" Hobbs, Alex "Scuwry" Scala and Brendan "Onmuu" Pode will use their championship experience to compete for 100 Thieves in the upcoming Apex Legends Global Series.

The team released an impressive highlight reel during their announcement with clips from the championship trio. 100 Thieves founder Matthew "Nadeshot" Haag sent a tweet shortly after the announcement saying "We're back and here to stay."

In last year's ALGS Championship tournament, Team Kungarna took home first place in dramatic fashion. The Championship was played through a match point format which required teams to reach a certain points threshold.

From there, the next qualified team to win a game would take home first place overall. While titans like TSM, Cloud 9 and Sentinels were also qualified, Team Kungarana managed to win game 9 earning them their first ALGS championship. The trio would take home over $260,000 and make their mark as the best team in North America.

100 Thieves x Apex Legends

100 Thieves and Apex Legends have storied past. During the first few months of the game's release, many top tier orgs jumped on the bandwagon and began creating rosters. Apex's popularity was evident. With Electronic Arts' financial backing and Respawn Entertainment's prowess, the competitive scene was sure to flourish. Unfortunately for the Thieves and Apex itself, the competition stalled and teams began to look to other titles. In August of 2019, 100 Thieves disbanded their original roster.

However, Apex Legends is on the rise and 100 Thieves have taken notice. In recent weeks they've signed long time content creator and former competitor Jack "NiceWigg" Martin, their first Apex Legends signing in over two years. Nadeshot and Martin sat down for a video to discuss the new 100T roster as well as the history of the game and its competitive scene.

"From the beginning, they've been one of the best gun skill teams," Martin said referring to the team's newly signed trio. "When there was a meta of Pathfinder, Wattson, Wraith where there was no big abilities to affect to gunplay, they were the ones," he continued.

Martin went on to say they were instrumental in creating the latest meta consisting of Valkyrie, Caustic and Gibraltar. As the game's playstyle continues to change, 100 Thieves will be looking to stay on top with their new trio.

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