Caught in 4k – Apex Legends streamer indulging in account-boosting cover image

Caught in 4k – Apex Legends streamer indulging in account-boosting

A disgruntled redditor made a post about their experience with a cheater and his discovery of an account-boosting lobby in Apex Legends

Apex Legends has a cheater problem, account boosting. At this point, anyone that plays the game regularly will admit to having died to a cheater at least once. It's common knowledge that the game doesn't have the best anti-cheat out there. Apex Legends also has a problem dealing with shady behavior like smurfing and account boosting. It's safe to assume that these are issues that plague many multiplayer shooters. Developers have tried all sorts of approaches to deal with such delinquents. However, there are always going to be such players.

That being said, it makes for a pretty bad showing when some players have the audacity to boost their accounts by playing with cheaters/smurfs and stream it for a live audience on twitch. Through such a streamer, Reddit user u/awkwardshake discovered a lobby of cheaters and smurfs destroying high-level ranked lobbies. The streamer doesn't appear to be a great player. Despite this, he is getting carried through the ranks by low-level accounts with suspicious stats.

A viral reddit post puts light to Apex Legends account boosting

They've made a detailed post describing their experience against a cheater and their subsequent investigation. The post on account boosting is now viral, has over 4,300 upvotes and several awards, and appears in the "Hot" section of the Apex Legends subreddit.

In this post, they describe how they were killed by a player who appeared to be cheating and reported them. They later ran into the same player who yet again showed obvious signs they were cheating. The cheater in question was landing every shot despite being dazed by Bangalore's ultimate. They were also able to see through the particle effects of Gibraltar's ultimate. What caught the Redditor's attention was that this time, the alleged cheater was playing with a streamer. They proceeded to investigate the streamer's profile on Twitch to see if they could find any clips with the cheater that killed them.

Looks like this reddit post is on to something

The Reddit post is detailed and the OP has made a substantial investigation into this supposed Apex Legends account-boosting lobby. The streamer regularly plays with accounts that are between levels 15-30, boasting stats that pros would be jealous of. The most suspicious moment is when one of the streamer's squadmates ranks up to Master and leaves, only for the supposed hacker in OP's case to send them a friend request.

Image Credits - Reddit User u/awkwardshake. Twitch streamer Ayeza playing with a cheater
Image Credits - Reddit User u/awkwardshake. Twitch streamer Ayeza playing with a cheater

There seems to be a unanimous outcry on the post for this streamer and their co-conspirators to face the ban-hammer. Along with a lot of discourse around the hacking, surfing, and account boosting problems plaguing the Apex Legends. It's clear that when players have the audacity to stream such behavior and get away with it, there's an issue. It'll be interesting to see if Respawn take any action against these players, considering the traction the reddit post is getting.

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