The new Stories from the Outlands confirms Ash in the Apex games. Come as we break down the trailer and other leaks for the upcoming season!

Earlier today, Apex Legends released a new Stories from the Outlands. This time, featuring everyone’s favorite Titanfall 2 cyborg and Arenas organizer, Ash. Alongside the reveal, we also got some information on the new season and an new idea of season 11’s map on twitter. As Apex’s new Pro League is on its way, we can expect a big shift in the upcoming weeks as we learn more about the new season 11.

Ash’s debut in Ashes to Ash

The new stories from the outlands is centered around Ash and how she’s made it back to the Apex games. The video starts out with Ash, before her robotic transformation as Dr. Lillian Reid finishing some of her lab work. We then see some shady dealings, and eventually turning into the fearsome robot that we all know now. The excruciating process transformed her into the Simulacrum and the transformation sequence goes in line with Apex’s teaser tweets.

Then the story follows the events of season 5’s Broken Ghost quest and in Pathfinder’s quest. In which we see Ash slowly returning to her fighting form. Throughout the flashbacks, we get to see the Ash personality fight with the Dr. Reid personality, and eventually the Ash personality comes full swing and takes over. And with that, we get to see a fun interaction with Horizon and the release of Ash as a fully functioning Legend.

The Return of Titanfall 2’s C.A.R. SMG

Titanfall 2 fans rejoice once more, as the iconic C.A.R. SMG has made its way to the outlands. The iconic SMG is planned to arrive in Season 11, similar to previous seasons when a new Legend is accompanied by a new weapon. Although Respawn has not told us more about the SMG other than its inclusion in the new season, we can take our best guess from Titanfall 2. In the predecessor of Apex, the C.A.R. was one of the best SMG’s in the game. It had the best hip fire accuracy, a great iron sights and great damage to top it off. You can see how much of a beast this weapon was back in the glory days of Titanfall 2 in this clip below.

Season 11 Could Bring a New Map to Apex

With the help of data miners, we have gotten a crazy leak for the upcoming season. It seems like we might be getting a brand new map for the Apex games. The leak shows the overall map, with 18 different places of interest as well as a bunch of Tridents to get around. Alongside the tons of new POI’s, there are also red tunnels that connect different areas, which could mean a new tool to get around the map. What adds the icing on top is that the icon for the new seasons seems to have a tropical-esque design to it. This, alongside the vast amounts of water on the new map, it seems like this could be the new map for season 11.

That’s all we have for debut of season 11 of Apex. This new season is shaping up to be great, with a new map, legend and weapon. Until the launch trailer releases on the 21st of October, we all eagerly await the new changes to Apex. For more Apex content, stick around at

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