With the pre-season qualifiers well on their way, Join us as we break down Season 2 of the ALGS Pro League tournament format!

With Season 2 of the Apex Legends Global Series well on its way, it can be a challenge keep track of the importance of the tourneys and what roads they lead to. Thankfully, a post on Reddit shows a graph from Faenex in Gnaske's stream detailing the structure. So we are going to break down the format for the ALGS Pro League tournament!

I know that the graph is a lot to digest, so lets break the major components down:

  • There are 2 Pro League major Splits, each with their own playoffs on LAN
  • 3 challenger circuits to qualify for each of the splits
  • 2 Last Chance Qualifiers
  • and a 2 million dollar prize pool championships on LAN

A breakdown in chronological order

Pro league Split 1

First, there are the pre-season Qualifiers which is where we are right now. In these single-elimination tournaments, the top team from each of the 4 pre-season qualifiers advances to the Pro League Split 1. Then, the top 16 teams based on points also advance to the Pro League Split 1 tournament.

ALGS Pro League Split 1 tournament holds 20 invited teams from their respective regions. The $500,000 USD tournament decides what the future holds for teams, as placements can send you to 1 of 3 places. First to 10th sends to teams to the Pro League split 1 playoff. A $1,000,000 USD international LAN tournament that also qualifies them for the Pro League Split 2 in their respective regions. The 11th to 32nd placed teams qualify for the Pro League Split 2 tournament, which is identical to its split 1 counterpart. The remaining 8 teams qualify for the Split 2 qualifier in which they need to fight for their spot in the Split 2 league.

Pro League Split 2

The ALGS Pro League split 2 is almost identical to its split 1 counterpart. Split 2 has 5 challenger circuits, which are just fancy qualifiers featuring a double-elimination format. In the challenger circuits, the top-scoring teams advance to the Split 2 qualifier. The 1st to 12th placed teams advance to the winner's bracket with the bottom 8 teams of Split 1. While on the other hand, 13th to 31nd advance to the lower bracket. And here, the top 10 teams with the highest round scores advance to the finals. And remember, this is all to qualify for the Split 2 qualifier, not the $500,000 Pro League Split 2 tournament.

Then, the Pro League Split 2 qualifiers happens. This is where 40 teams from the challenger circuits and the last 8th placed teams from Split 1 try to qualify for the Pro League Split 2 tournament. In this qualifier, only 8 teams move on to the Split 2 tournament, which is identical to Split 1. However, the placements in the tournament are somewhat different than Split 1. The top 8 teams from split 2 of each region duke it out on LAN in the Split 2 playoffs. While the 9th to 32nd placed teams qualify for LCQ 2 and the last 8 teams qualify for LCQ 1. All to duke it out in the championship Last Chance Qualifiers and we repeat the process one last time.

The Pro League Split 2 playoffs, features a group stage and double-elimination format for $1,000,000 USD. And then, the top 30 teams who scored the highest points across both playoffs automatically qualify for the championships. While the remaining teams qualify for the Last Chance Qualifier of their region.

The Championships

With the Last Chance Qualifier 1, the bottom 8 teams from Split 2 and 32 teams from the 2nd round of the Challenger Circuits compete for their chance at the championship. Then, the middle pack (9th to 32nd) of the Split 2 tournament, the 2 teams from the Split 2 playoffs (from each region), and the top-scoring teams from LCQ 1 to fill the lobby to 40 will compete in the LCQ 2.

In LCQ 2, only 2 teams from each region will make it through to the grand championships. And they will compete with the top 30 teams with the highest point total across the playoffs. The grand championships will feature a $2,000,000 USD LAN tournament with the best of the best.

And that sums it up. This season of ALGS is looking great, with a great and unique format that gives everyone a chance to compete. With endless opportunities for plays, rivalries, and good times, we all wait in excitement for the Splits to begin. For more Apex content, stick around on Esports.gg