Apex Rising Charity Pro Am 2.0: Results and amount raised cover image

Apex Rising Charity Pro Am 2.0: Results and amount raised

Charity is bringing the Apex community together once again

Apex Rising Charity Pro Am, the charity tournament event for '(RED)', finished its second run this weekend on Dec. 14 and Dec. 15. Founded by esports caster Jon “Falloutt” Kefaloukos, Apex Rising creates a space for every level of player to compete together while raising money for charity. 

By the end of the tournament, the second Apex Rising Charity Pro Am raised $31,308.81 for (RED) in the fight against AIDS and other pandemics!

Final results: winners and stats

The final winner for Apex Rising 2.0 was Team Luxford. In second is Team Voltic with Team Hakis in third. Below are the overall final results:

  1. Team Luxford - 78
  2. Team Voltic - 51
  3. Team Hakis - 48
  4. Team Nano - 47
  5. Team Rambeau - 45
  6. Team Stuhni - 42
  7. Team Goat - 41
  8. Team Graceful - 41
  9. Team Orioles - 35
  10. Team RKN - 35
  11. Team Crook- 31
  12. Team ImperialHal - 31
  13. Team Mamba - 29
  14. Team ZDavis - 28
  15. Team Phony - 22
  16. Team Apryze - 17
  17. Team Hundredz - 14
  18. Team Keon - 14
  19. Team Nickmercs - 13
  20. Team Dezignful - 7

How does the Apex Rising Charity Pro Am work?

Apex Rising sees 40 teams fight in ALGS tournament format, which means a double-elimination set-up spread over two days. The most unique aspect of Apex Rising is the team composition, which places one pro player, one influencer or content creator, and pro amateur player into a team. For a more in-depth look into how Apex Rising works, check out our guide here.

A final zone in the Apex Rising Charity Pro Am (Image via joinRED on Twitch)
A final zone in the Apex Rising Charity Pro Am (Image via joinRED on Twitch)

Jon “Falloutt” Kefaloukos specifically made this charity tournament to fill a gap in the esports ecosystem since there aren’t many mid to small-range tournaments in the Apex Legends scene. You can read more about why Falloutt created this tournament in our exclusive interview here!

Apex Rising allows smaller creators, including casters, to engage with a bigger audience and connect with other community members. Over time, this will help grow the Apex Legends community and help more players and creators find success. Hopefully, we'll see more mid-range tournaments like Apex Rising in the future.

Special shoutouts

Since I was selected to play in Apex Rising Charity Pro Am 2.0, I’d like to give a special shoutout to my teammates on Team Xeriffer! You and Franco Samuel “xeriffer” Korompai and Bryan “iShiny” McCarthy, both of whom stream regularly on Twitch should definitely check out. Both were (obviously) extremely cracked at Apex while simultaneously being the kindest teammates, guiding a Platinum (at best) player like myself through a lobby full of players like ImperialHal, Hakis, Apryze, and Voltic.

Additional shoutout to Tom Bull, who cast the event and also writes for esports.gg! Check out his articles here.

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