Season 11 of Apex Legends is bringing some great new changes. Join us as we review the patch and the upcoming weapon changes!

Earlier today, Respawn released the upcoming apex patch notes season 11: Escape. With upcoming changes to legends and the ranked system, it only is fair that weapons get balanced out too. This season brings some great new changes to the weapons, crafting and a brand new hop up for us to enjoy on Storm Point.

Season 11's Care Package and Kitted Weapons

The Care Package

In season 11 patch notes we see that the Triple-Take makes its return to ground loot while the G7 Scout takes its place. The Triple-Take returns to its state prior to its care package move: The mag is base 18, with a max of 27 and consumes 3 ammo per shot. On the other hand, the G7 Scout takes its place in the care package. With a damage increase to 36 (previously 34) and now equipped with the shelved Double Tap hop up.

While on the topic of the care package, the weapon rates have been put more in favor of late game. The weapon rates have jumped up by 25% on all tiers. Meaning that in early game you have a 50% chance for a CP weapon, while in late game the odds are 100%.

Kitted Weapons

With the Apex Patch Notes for Season 11 comes a brand new rotation of kitted weapons. In the patch notes we have to sadly say goodbye to the kitted Peacekeeper, Rampage, RE-45, Flatline and Charge Rifle. However, we get to see some brand new faces to the kitted weapons. We get to see a kitted 30-30 Repeater, Mastiff, R-301, Longbow and of course, the C.A.R.

  • In
    • 30-30 Repeater
    • Mastiff
    • R-301
    • Longbow
    • C.A.R SMG
  • Out
    • Peacekeeper
    • Rampage
    • RE-45
    • Flatline
    • Charge rifle

The Peacekeeper and EVA-8

The two favorite shotguns of most apex players are getting a couple changes in the patch notes for season 11. In an attempt to level the playing field between the shotguns, the S-tier EVA-8 received a reduced fire rate. Although its only from 2.1 to 2.0, the small nerf might just be enough to round out the playing field.

Meanwhile, the Peacekeeper got a bit of a "QOL" buff (as the devs describe it). In season 11, the Peacekeeper has a increased pellet size, reduced choke up time and a tighter spread on choked shots. These changes (and the Mastiff's new hop up) put shotguns on a even playing field in the new season.

The New Dual Shell Hop up

This brand new hop up for season 11 is for the Mastiff and 30-30 Repeater. While equipped, each round loaded into the weapon is doubled. Meaning that hopefully these weapons will see some more usage. Does that also mean that the 30-30 will have 3 hop up options? I guess we'll have to find out...

The Longbow

Last season the Longbow received a bit of a damage buff as the Marksmen weapons were introduced. However, the devs are "walking back a recent buff", and so its damage has bumped down to 55 (from 60). The Longbow has been insanely popular recently, as the fast firing sniper has been decimating lobbies. So, it is only fair that we see this slight nerf in the patch notes.

The L-Star

We all knew the L-Star was going to get nerfed. It has just been way too good as a weapon, much to everyone's frustration. Thankfully, the Devs have decided to reduce the damage to 17 (from 18), the projectile collision size and the effectiveness of the barrels. Ideally, these nerfs will round out the L-Star rather than making it absurdly strong.

Season 11's huge upgrade to crafting

This season, crafting got a subtle change that makes worlds of difference. Now, when crafting ammo, you get a full stack instead of a third of the stack. This of course means that the crafting fee will increase (to 10 from 5), but this change will be phenomenal. Additionally, the Evo Armor Points upgrade increased to 150 from 100.

And that wraps up the major weapon changes for Apex's newest Season! All these new changes get us absurdly hyped for Season 11 of Apex. For more Apex content, stay here on