Apex Ranked changes for Season 11 spark backlash. New system explained cover image

Apex Ranked changes for Season 11 spark backlash. New system explained

In Season 11 of Apex Legends, there are changes to the ranked system. Join us as we explain the new system!

Earlier today, Apex Legends Season 11 patch notes dropped with some big changes. One set of which is Apex Ranked changes, although perhaps not the changes the pro scene had hoped for.

The Apex player base have been wanting changes to the ranked points (or RP) system for a while. However, it seems that some content creators and professionals aren't big fans of the changes in the upcoming season. We dive into the new format and explain why several high profile players are not keen.

What are the Apex ranked changes for Season 11?

In short:

  • The "Kill RP cap" has been increased from 6 to 7
  • RP points for kills will now be based on the rank difference between killer/victim
  • Kill related RP can be reached in diff ways (depending on if the kills were against lower-ranked players vs higher ranked)

An explanation of the new kill format

In the new season of Apex legends, the team at Respawn has made an effort to change the ranked system. The new ranked system in season 11 adds a modifier based on the rank difference in kills. In other words, if you are higher ranked than the person you kill, you will get less RP.

The opposite is also true, meaning you can gain 20 kill points if you kill someone 3 tiers higher ranked than you. Although it will be extremely rare that you will match against someone 3 tiers higher than you in your ranked matches, the possibility still exists. The differences are outlined below:

How tier difference will affect KP
How tier difference will affect KP

On top of this new modifier in season 11's ranked system, the per kill bonuses on placements have also changed. With a new kill cap of 7 (rather than 6), there is new potential to gain that extra bit of RP that you need to rank up. However, the flat bonuses based on placement have been reduced in the new season. So, while in 2nd or 3rd place you get an extra 10 RP per kill rather than in the past with 20 points.

Unfortunately, this change to the ranked system in Apex doesn't address any of the current issues. The changes encourage more of the "kill race" mentality. As you still receive more potential RP from high kill games than high placement games. The community has also realized this and have voiced their opinions on the matter.

Pros feel it creates disconnect between ranked and competitive play

Ranked lobbies in Apex have been somewhat of an issue over the past couple seasons of Apex. Several initiatives have been made to try to fix the problems with the matchmaking and cheaters, but to no avail. The constant hacking, exploiting and cheating have all played a role in making ranked Apex a poor experience.

Regardless of the cheating, the real issue lied within the ranked system itself, as it encouraged a "kill race" playstyle. Rather than playing to place highly, players would try to kill as much as possible, as you would be rewarded more RP.

A disconnect has been created with the professional scene, as teams typically focus on playing smart and rotation based in pro matches. While on the other hand, ranked would be a kill festival, as that playstyle was rewarded.

Respawn's reasoning behind the new ranked system

"'Skill' in Apex can be evaluated in all sorts of ways. It’s the amalgamation of gun skill, movement, positioning, awareness, legend mastery, and prevailing over everyone else as Champion that separates the lowly Bronze from Apex Predators," said Respawn Entertainment/EA in the official patch reveal.

Respawn went on to say they believe the new system will help provide "more flexibility and nuance" to how players express skill. They said this is achievable by "easing back on some RP restrictions" to "offer other routes to max out kill-related RP in a match."

Hopefully with all the concern that the community is showing, we can hope to see some upcoming changes. The sheer size of the community, and how involved Respawn is with it, we are sure to have some great upcoming changes. For more Apex content on the brand new season 11, stick around on Esports.gg!