Loba is finally getting her heirloom, nine seasons after joining the Apex Legends roster. Her heirloom was officially teased via a lore comic posted by the Apex Legends twitter account.

Heirloom shards are the ultimate aspiration item in Apex Legends. They unlock Legend heirlooms, which are special cosmetics with unique animations and lore, specific to their legend. Out of the 22 playable legends in-game, 14 of them have heirlooms. Every legend in the game up to the Season 6 roster has their own heirlooms. Except for Loba. Loba mains have been calling on Apex Legends developers to add her heirloom for quite a while now. She joined the roster in Season 5 and as of Season 14, she still doesn't have an heirloom.

Thankfully, Loba Mains can finally rejoice because the developers revealed that she'd be the legend receiving an heirloom item in Season 14. And now, we finally have confirmation on what it looks like. The official Apex Legends Twitter account routinely shares lore comics to etch out the character stories in-game. Occasionally, they use these comics to tease upcoming content. This time, it happens to be what is universally understood as Loba's heirloom.

This one's for Loba fans

Loba mains have been calling on the developers to release an heirloom for her for a while now
Loba mains have been calling on the developers to release an heirloom for her for a while now

The comic takes place long before Loba joined the Apex Games, back when she was a legendary thief with her partner-in-crime, Jaime. She and Jaime are on contract for an unnamed client, who wants two blue gems that are being sold at an auction house. While Loba is on the search for one of them, she comes across a fan locked in a display case. It immediately triggers a memory of her father dancing with her mother, who is holding the exact same fan.

She proceeds to ignore the gem and fixates on trying to steal the fan. In doing so, she triggers the alarm, which leads to the auction host barging in with guards, revealing that he knew the fan belonged to the Andrade family and that Loba would come for it. She fights his guards off and Jaime rescues her. They end up stealing both the gems and Loba gets her fan too.

Considering the fact that a developer comment led to speculation that Loba is the next legend receiving an heirloom, this comic all but confirms that the fan she reclaimed from the auction house is going to be the heirloom in question.

Loba's Heirloom, nine seasons of Apex Legends later

Respawn added heirlooms for Rampart and Valkyrie, both of which are legends that joined the Apex Games after Loba. Loba mains have been frustrated about this. She was added as a legend in season five and still hasn't received her heirloom as of season fourteen.

Thankfully it's about time and the developers have gone out of their way to tease it, a rare occurrence when it comes to Apex Legends lore. It'll be interesting to see what kind of animations the fan adds to Loba's in-game interactions. Considering her graceful persona, there's plenty to be excited about.

Everyone can get heirloom shards in Apex Legends

If you weren't up to speed with the big change to the in-game level cap in Season 14, here's the buzz. Thanks to the increased level cap, everyone can grind up to 500 free Apex Packs. This inadvertently means every free-to-play player can receive one guaranteed set of heirloom shards in Apex Legends.

This, along with the fact that Loba is finally getting her heirloom means Loba mains can rejoice knowing they have something to look forward to in the next few days. You can read more about the increased level cap rewards in our patch notes analysis.