Apex Legends Revenant reactions: NiceWigg, Verhulst, more cover image

Apex Legends Revenant reactions: NiceWigg, Verhulst, more

Nice Wigg, Verhulst, and more pros have shared their reactions to the new massive Revenant changes in the next season of Apex Legends.

Season 18 of Apex Legends is bringing some major changes to Revenant, the simulacrum assassin who was originally released all the way back in Season 4. This total overhaul of Revenant’s abilities comes alongside an extended lore event that has spanned across a couple of weeks and social media platforms. Here are some of the biggest Apex Legends pro reactions to these massive new changes for Revenant.

In short, these new abilities will be Assassin's Instinct (passive), Shadow Dash (tactical), and Forged Shadows (ultimate). For more in depth information about the Revenant rerelease, check out our breakdown here. In an official collab with Respawn, pro player iiTzTimmy shared his reactions to the new Revenant changes, which is also the first ever complete overhaul of a character in Apex Legends.

Revenant's new look (via Respawn)
Revenant's new look (via Respawn)

Assassin's Instinct - New passive reactions

The Apex Legends pro community seems especially intrigued by Revenant’s new passive as it brings more wall hacks to the game. Evan “Verhulst” Verhulst, a member of TSM, commented that Revenant might have the best passive in the game now. He continues to say that the Legend basically has four passives now, with a fast crouch, fast climb, low health vision, and giving his entire team the wall hack. 

Jack “NiceWigg” Martin also reacted postively to the passive, simply saying “Being highlighted is wild, that is so strong.” NiceWigg seemed most interested in how Revenant’s new tactical will work, though he was impressed by the new passive.

Shadow Dash - New tactical reactions

While watching the iiTzTimmy reaction video, NiceWigg reacted very positively to the brand new Revenant tactical. He went so far as to say that Vantage and Octane were now totally useless. In fact, Revenant tactical might be as good as Pathfinder in some situations. The extreme distance that Revenant is now going to be able to cover with his tactical, combined with his upgraded ability to wall climb in multiple directions will make him an extremely formidable enemy. 

"This is how I picture Revenant [in the lore] actually playing.

NiceWigg on the Revenant overhaul

Verhulst and iiTzTimmy didn’t have much to say about the tactical. However, Verhulst did react and comment that this ability alongside the new changes will make Revenant a very good character to play in pubs. 

Forged Shadows - New ultimate reactions

Verhulst had a big reaction to Revenant’s brand new Ultimate ability. However, his reaction was immediately tempered by his prediction that Revenant will most likely be nerfed soon. The extra shield and its recharge after knocking an enemy garnered the largest reaction from Verhulst. Despite this, he still doesn’t believe that Revenant will be a good choice for competitive play. 

iiTzTimmy, however, in his collab video with Respawn, said that the extra 75 HP in Revenant’s shield could be huge for a comp team, especially on their fragger. He pointed out that the HP would add up to an extra blue shield. That could be a huge advantage especially if a player is already equipped with a red shield. 

NiceWigg reacting to Revenant's new tactical
NiceWigg reacting to Revenant's new tactical

Overall thoughts from pros

Overall, the pros in the Apex Legends comp scene seem excited about this Revenant update. Unfortunately, most don’t see much of a future for the character in comp. NiceWigg and Verhulst both commented that Revenant will now be a great character for solo queuing in pub matches and even in ranked. They just don't believe that his abilities will be enough to crack the current comp metas. Raven, the coach for TSM, was especially unexcited by Revenant's new abilities. He went so far to say that Revenant is "turbo omega useless" for competitive play.

Christopher "sweetdreams" Sexton gave a short reaction to the new Revenant changes on his stream today. He commented that he's excited to see the changes and that, in his opinion, there will definitely be some Revenant's in the future of comp Apex.

The reactions to the new Revenant changes weren’t negative, but they also weren’t completely blown away. NiceWigg, however, did comment that he’s excited to see how movement players will use the new Revenant. Perhaps this Revenant change will ignite a fun new style of play for more average players.

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