The new Amazon Prime bundle for Apex Legends is here. Lets breakdown the contents of the Natural Essence bundle!

The newest Amazon Prime bundle is here. The new Natural Essence bundle is for the newest addition to Apex Legends, Catalyst. The bundle features a new skin for Catalyst, a matching banner frame and an Alternator skin. Both the matching banner frame and skin for Catalyst feature an Autumn and earthy design. The bundle is available for a limited time, so be sure to link your Amazon Prime account and claim the bundle.

The Natural Essence Bundle

The new prime Natural Essence bundle comes with three unique items. As most prime bundles go, there is a Legend skin, a matching banner frame and a weapon skin. The weapon skin typically doesn’t match the Legend skin and banner frame, but regardless it’s another skin to add to your collection.

The Natural Essence bundle is centered around this time of year, that being Autumn or Fall. The skin for Catalyst has quite the “Tree” aesthetic going on with a combination of leafy greens and wood browns. This is furthered by the name of the skin itself, which matches the bundle. The matching banner frame also features a similar idea, with falling leaves surrounding the frame. Also in keeping with the theme of the bundle, the banner frame is called Autumn Winds, which is quite fitting.

The contents of the Natural Essence Bundle
The contents of the Natural Essence Bundle

Last up in the Natural Essence bundle is the Gem Shredder Alternator skin. The skin fits other weapon skins of the same rarity, with a relatively unique decal. Most prime bundles follow this theme, where there are two items for the Legend that share the same theme–the Legend’s skin and the Banner. While the last item, typically a weapon skin, is unique and is not a part of the bundle’s theme. Just like with the last prime bundle with the Fireball Fuse bundle.

Claiming the Bundle

The bundle is available for a limited time, so claim it before its gone! To claim the Natural Essence bundle you need to link your Amazon Prime account to your EA account. You can do this through the prime gaming website here! The account linking works on both Origin, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One and Steam, so no need to fret.

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