Apex Legends’ new Amazon Prime Fireball Fuse Bundle cover image

Apex Legends’ new Amazon Prime Fireball Fuse Bundle

Amazon Prime’s new Apex Legends bundle is here! Come take a look at the 3 brand new items from the Fireball Fuse Bundle!

The new Amazon Prime bundle for Apex Legends has arrived! The bundle for Salvo's demolition expert Fuse comes with three unique items exclusive to the bundle. Alongside the skin and banner frame for Fuse, the bundle also comes with a Wingman weapon skin. The Fireball Fuse bundle is only available for a limited time, so link up your Prime account to claim the bundle today.

The Items of the Fireball Fuse Bundle

The bundle, like always, features three items. The first of which is the Fireball Filigree skin for Fuse. The skin draws inspiration from the German Bavarian outfit, probably in honor of the conclusion of Oktoberfest at the start of the month. The Banner frame also included in the bundle also features a cottage core background to it. Titled, " Gingham Style" both the banner and skin complement each other quite well.

The Items included in the Fireball Fuse Bundle
The Items included in the Fireball Fuse Bundle

Last but not least, everyone's favorite pistol in Apex Legends receives a skin in the Fireball Fuse Bundle. The wingman skin, called "Flavor Burst" has quite the design to it, with small Chibi Fuse plastered all over the weapon in a food coma. This is definitely one of the cuter Wingman skins in the game. So even if you don't use it all the time, it's worth a collection piece to have.

Claiming the bundle

The bundle is available for a limited time, so claim it before its gone! To claim the Fuse bundle you need to link your Amazon Prime account to your EA account. You can do this through the prime gaming website here! The account linking works on both Origin, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch or Xbox One and Steam, so no need to fret.

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