Dataminers have also found evidence of an upcoming map “Dead Moon”

King’s Canyon was the first map on Apex Legends. It’s been quite a while since the map has received some love. The map isn’t in the game’s map rotation in season 13. It’s quite possible that it is going to come back to the game with some changes or a complete overhaul. At least that’s what we can tell based on the in-game teasers Respawn just dropped.

TheGamingMerchant showcased an in-game teaser for Season 14 of Apex Legends on YouTube

Season 13 has gone by quite quickly and we’re into a week of the game’s mid-season collection event. The Awakening Collection Event went live a few days ago, bringing with it some brand new cosmetics, a new collection event, balance and quality of life changes and the return of Control Mode. Along with it, the developers have teased players with a first glimpse at what to expect from Season 14. A major update to King’s Canyon and possibly a new map altogether.

Is King’s Canyon getting a makeover?

The Skybox and Biome in the firing range is shared with Apex Legends' first map, King's Canyon.
A giant skeletal structure looms over the firing range, which now has a different skybox than the usual one

The Firing Range in Apex Legends shares its skybox and map biome with King’s Canyon. Part of the in-game teaser is a few changes to the firing range. All these changes hint at something about King’s Canyon. Particularly, there’s a large skeletal frame looming over the Firing Range. This Skeletal frame was part of the King’s Canyon Map, around the Skull-Town area. Skull-Town was destroyed as part of the game’s first map rework and used to be one of the most memorable landing zones in the game.

Apex Legends' King's Canyon map featured Skull Town, an abandoned town with a giant skeleton looming over it.
A similar structure used to envelop the Skulltown area in King’s Landing before it was destroyed

In addition to the skeletal frame, the skybox for the Firing Range is also noticeably different. Ambient lighting seems cooler now, with more blue than yellow.

Magazines in Lifeline’s clinic

The Magazine hints at changes coming to Apex Legends King's Canyon
Magazines in Lifeline’s Clinic hint at map changes to King’s Canyon and potentially a new map

Lifeline’s Clinic was added as a new POI/Town Takeover as part of the Awakening Collection Event. The clinic has a room with some magazines on a reading rack and a table. The text on the covers of these magazines is quite interesting. Particularly the Outlands Magazine. Part of the text is a headline covering news from the planet Boreas. Boreas is Seer’s home planet.

The sub-headline talks about a deadlock over the moon’s future. A recent datamining leak suggests an upcoming map called “Dead Moon”. It’s possible we could be getting this map in Season 14. They’ve also added some interesting voice lines to Seer, hinting at the next update featuring his home planet.

Additionally, a second headline on the magazine cover talks about a completed salvage operation. The text under this headline goes “Say hello to King’s Canyon’s New Relic”. It’ll be interesting to see what this is about but our excellent deduction skills suggest it has something to do with an overhaul to King’s Canyon.

These in-game teasers are quite subtle and can easily go unnoticed by players who aren’t actively looking for them. To be fair, most players aren’t going to stop to look at what’s written on magazine covers in a Battle-Royale game. It’ll be interesting to see what Season 14 of Apex Legends has in store for its players, especially if it brings a new map.

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