Apex Legends is hinting at a big change to Storm Point. Leaks suggest that it will be a Wattson town takeover.

The latest event in Apex Legends, Dressed to Kill, features teasers of future game changes. From what we can tell based on official hints from Respawn and data mining from leakers, it seems likely that there will be a Wattson-themed town takeover in Storm Point in the near future.

The next town takeover in Apex Legends could be for Wattson (Image via Apex Legends on YouTube)
The next town takeover in Apex Legends could be for Wattson (Image via Apex Legends on YouTube)

There hasn’t been a town takeover since Season 13, which ended in July of 2022, so these teasers are especially exciting.

What are the official teasers for the town takeover?

The most recent hint towards map changes for a potential Wattson town takeover came from the official Apex Legends Twitter earlier this week. The tweet shows one of the various screens that can be found across Storm Point, warning of an incoming storm.

This storm could radically change the map on Storm Point, similarly to how the giant crab that attacked during Season 13 was added as a point of interest (POI).

In addition to this teaser, players have found various hints across the screens on Storm Point. Weather warnings of a huge storm read: “Weather Outlook: Storm event approaching. Follow standard procedures. Prevention systems operational. Check back for updates.”

What leaks have there been?

Leaks by sources such as KralRindo and Thordan Smash line up with the official sources about the Wattson town takeover in Apex Legends. In February, KralRindo tweeted about two upcoming POI changes in Storm Point. So far, they were codenamed Amp Station and Pylon, with the second name hinting heavily towards a connection to Wattson. Wattson carries a pylon on her back and uses it in her kit to block enemy ordinances.

This tweet backs up even earlier leaks from Thordan Smash on YouTube, in which he pointed out the Wattson town takeover would be similar to the last town takeover in Season 13.

What is a town takeover?

In Apex Legends, a town takeover is when a POI is updated and modeled after one of the Legends. Generally, the takeover comes out with an event and has an accompanying Stories from the Outlands video. The last town takeover was Lifeline’s Clinic on Olympus in Season 13. So far, only nine Legends have received a town takeover. Popular town takeover locations include Pathfinder’s Fight Night, Bloodhound’s Trials, and Rampart’s Big Maude. 

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