Apex Legends is dropping a new collection event alongside Season 16 with fan-made skins, and banner frames as part of its anniversary event. Happy birthday to the Apex Games!

This year’s celebration comes with bright new Anniversary skins, the return of a fan-favorite POI, and the opportunity to unlock Heirloom Shards. Season 16 of Apex Legends begins on February 14, just after the end of the Date Night Takeover. Even though Apex Legend’s official birthday is February 4, the in-game festivities will start with the release of Season 16 and a significant change to the Legend class system.

For the community, by the community

To celebrate the vast fandom of Apex Legends, this collection event will include a community-created reward tracker, similar to the reward tracker from 2022’s anniversary. You’ll be able to unlock items like banner frames, stylized gun skins, and a goth Wattson skin.

(Image via Respawn)
(Image via Respawn)

Heirloom shards for all

After four years of Apex Legends, many players still have never had the luck to receive Heirloom Shards. You can finally get your hands on your heirloom of choice at this collection event. However, you can only get these after unlocking all 24 cosmetic items. This is sure to make fans happy, especially since last year’s celebration replaced an Heirloom Shard reward with the debut of Prestige Skins.

The cosmetic items in the collection event store include Legendary skins for Gibraltar, Octane, and Catalyst.

Mirage átrois and map features

For Season 16, the fan-favorite Mirage Voyage returns under the new name “Mirage átrois.” The revamped ship will be featured on every BR map for the entire season. It will also include a new dance floor and an interactive loot party, similar to Lifeline’s town takeover in Olympus. Additionally, all maps are decorated with adorable balloons of the Legends, as seen in the trailer for Season 16 released earlier this week.

Every match will also be celebrated by an airshow with jets across the sky that leave fun colorful smoke trails.

(Image via Respawn)
(Image via Respawn)

Twitch drops

From February 14 to 17, three different Twitch drops a day will be available. Among these drops are loading screens made by fans and Nessie-themed Tamagotchi charms.

The Apex Legends Anniversary event Twitch drops. (Image via Respawn)
The Apex Legends Anniversary event Twitch drops. (Image via Respawn)

It seems that Respawn has pulled all the stops to deliver a fresh and exciting start to their fourth year! For future updates of Apex Legends events and more esports news, check back at Esports.gg!

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