Apex Legends x Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Event: Buster Sword, Gil Shop, and Universal Heirloom details cover image

Apex Legends x Final Fantasy VII Rebirth Event: Buster Sword, Gil Shop, and Universal Heirloom details

The Final Fantasy Apex crossover event is here and with it comes a new game mode with tons of features and a Universal Heirloom!

Apex Legends is starting the new year off strong with it's first event: A collaboration with Final Fantasy VII Rebirth. The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth x Apex event trailer released on Jan. 4, with an accompanying special site. The new event not only features new skins, but brand new Hop-Ups and even a usable Buster Sword to fulfill all your dreams of emulating Cloud Strife.

The new FF x Apex event

The Final Fantasy Apex Event isn't the most shocking of news, as it was announced a month prior. However, EA has provided significantly more details regarding the upcoming event. The community, now more hyped than ever, is excited to see how the takeover impacts the Outlands. As the takeover replaces regular unranked matches, it's set to bring several new, unique features to Apex.

New items in Apex for Final Fantasy Event: The Buster Sword

The Final Fantasy VII Rebirth event introduces several items and Hop-Ups. The most iconic item of which is the Buster Sword R2R5. This can be found in-game and grants some pretty fun options to players. On top of light and heavy attacks, the Buster Sword can also block to reduce damage and dash allowing players to close gaps or flank with ease. All in the meantime filling your meter so that you can use a Limit Break.

Mirage wielding the new Buster Sword R2R5 (via <a href="https://www.ea.com/games/apex-legends/news/ffvii-rebirth-event">EA</a>)
Mirage wielding the new Buster Sword R2R5 (via EA)

Additionally, spread throughout the map are Materia Hop-ups. These five attachments for specific weapons provide unique and game changing bonuses to the equipped weapon. The different effects of the Materia are based off the various Final Fantasy effects. The undebatable best Materia in the Final Fantasy Apex event is the Red Materia that has a chance to summon a Nessie companion that attacks your foes. The full list is below:

Type of Materia
FF Spell Effect
In-Game Effect
HP Absorb
Damage enemies to heal
Reloading a weapon creates a small shock nova that damages and slows enemies
Critical Rate increase
Random Critical hit chance that provide bonus damage
Summon a Nessie companion to attack your enemies
Damage enemies to see their remaining health

The Gil Shop and Universal Heirloom

Throughout the event you can also earn Gil by playing the event game mode and completing challenges, similar to the Apex Legends x Post Malone event rewards shop. Although the reward shop will rotate weekly, uniquely, there are event packs that are available as a reward. So maybe you won't have to spent the full amount to complete the collection.

(Image via EA)
(Image via EA)

Speaking of, the collection of skins for the Final Fantasy Apex event are better than ever. There are six Final Fantasy inspired skins for Wraith, Horizon, Crypto, Newcastle, Valkyrie and Wattson. Each skin comes standalone and retails for 2150 Apex coins and has a matching weapon skin. However those weapon skins or other items aren't included with the skin.

In total, there are 36 items in the Final Fantasy Apex Event, which has been more than any Apex event prior. But one stands above the rest. The Universal Heirloom Buster Sword R5 is a random reward from the event packs and is exactly what it sounds like: A universal heirloom. The event exclusive item won't be available in the Mythic shop unlike other Heirlooms. Although it's not as strong as its game mode equivalent the fact that the heirloom can be equipped onto any legend is game changing for Apex Legends.

(Image via EA)
(Image via EA)

Twitch Drops

The cherry on top for the Final Fantasy x Apex event are the Twitch Drops that are available throughout the event. There are four different stickers available for the Twitch Drops. Two are available from Jan. 12 to Jan. 21, while the other two are from Jan. 21 to Jan. 30. To claim them, each sticker is rewarded for an hour watched during the time period. So watch your favorite Apex streamer who has drops enabled for two hours between the selected dates to secure them!

(Image via EA)
(Image via EA)

Apex Legends is starting 2024 off strong for sure with this event. With all the features and cosmetics, the community is more hyped than ever, and the bar is set high for Apex in the new year.

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