The Apex Final Fantasy mode is here and with it are new mechanics. Join us as we break down Materia and the new Buster Sword in Apex.

The Apex Legends Final Fantasy Takeover is live! With it comes so much content for the Apex Community. The takeover features brand new in game mechanics like the Materia Hop Ups that drastically add onto weapons as well as a Buster Blade. However, with all the new mechanics, there can be a lot to digest.

Here's a quick guide on the Materia and Buster Blade in the new Final Fantasy Takeover. Kupo.

Final Fantasy Apex Legends Takeover Materia

The new game mode for the Final Fantasy Apex Legends Takeover features brand new attachments for weapons called Materia. There are five different types of Materia available from a variety of loot sources. Each of the five different Materia have a different effect for the equipped weapon that provide quite the unique bonus.

Type of Materia
Associated Effect
In-Game effect
Can be Equipped by
HP Absorb
Damaging enemies heals you
Mastiff, Devotion, Hemlock Nemesis, 30-30, Wingman
Reloading creates a shockwave
EVA-8, L-Star, Triple Take, Alternator, Prowler, Volt
Summon a Nessie to fight alongside
Kraber, Havoc, Mozambique, P2020, RE-45
Damaging enemies reveals their health
Charge Rifle, Sentinel, Peacekeeper, Rampage, G7 Scout, R99
Crit Rate Up
Random Critical hits which provide additional damage
Longbow, Spitfire, Flatline, Bocek, R301, CAR

Where to find Materia in the Final Fantasy Apex mode?

The simple answer is that Materia are found throughout the map, and have the same rarity as Hop ups. However, there's more to that answer. See, there are some, loot rich areas that typically have Matiera scattered throughout. Some common places to find Materia in the Final Fantasy Apex mode would be Lava Siphon, Command Center or, Armories. You can also find Matiera in Cacticks, that are spread out throughout the map.

The Buster Sword R2R5

The Buster Sword R2R5 is more sought after than Kraber in the new Final Fantasy Apex mode. The melee weapon is exclusive to the game mode and allows for a completely new experience for the Legends. The featured weapon of the Final Fantasy Apex game mode grants players a light attack, a heavy attack, an upwards slash that knocks enemies up and a ground slam.

Although despite being the same rarity as the Care Package weapons, the Buster Sword is much easier to find. As soon as you enter into a match during the Apex Final Fantasy Takeover, you'll be able to see where the Buster Sword R2R5 can be found. Small, red loot indicators will be visible at certain POI's meaning that your prize lies there in wait. All you'll need to do is fend off the other squads vying for the blade.

Although the Buster Blade isn't the most fluid of weapons, but it doesn't need to be. The Buster Blade by far is one of the most fun weapons in Apex. The Weapon lets you dash around, hacking and slashing your way through enemies. However, words can't express how fun it is limit breaking on Wattson and air combo-ing a Wraith. You'll just need to go hack and slash at some Legends yourself.

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