Apex Legends dev stream leaks next Legend: ‘Alter’ cover image

Apex Legends dev stream leaks next Legend: ‘Alter’

Thought we didn’t notice? Well, we did.

Apex Legends may have just leaked the next Legend coming to the game. In a dev stream about the upcoming Season 20, a character selection screen was shown with a surprising addition. The next Legend to join the Apex Games, who appears to be female, will be in the Skirmisher class and is supposedly named Alter.

Who is Alter in Apex Legends?

Season 20 is not releasing a new Legend or Legend rework, so this surprising leak from Respawn itself is highly interesting. All we know for certain, which is always subject to change before release, is that the Legend is in the Skirmisher class. Additional leaks state that the Legend's name is Alter. Past leaks and interviews with Respawn devs may point to the identity of this future Legend.

The concept art thumbnail for Alter is also giving villain vibes, which would be fantastic for Apex. So far, the villains of Apex have been male (traditionally Revenant and Caustic). There are some female antagonist, but they tend to become more sympathetic over time (Mad Maggie and Ash).

The next Legend can be seen on the far right of the Skirmisher Class (Image via Apex Legends on YouTube)
The next Legend can be seen on the far right of the Skirmisher Class (Image via Apex Legends on YouTube)

Introducing an antagonistic female character would be a super fun addition to the Apex Legends roster.

Margo, Big Sister, and Catalyst's friend

All signs point to the next Legend being Margo, also known as Big Sister. Her first appearance was in ‘Stories from the Outlands: Last Hope’, in which she works as an environmental advocate trying to save the moon, Cleo, with Catalyst. Margo tries to stop Hammond Robotics by blowing up the company facility, and despite Catalyst’s best attempts to stop her, succeeds.

Margo explodes and her fate is unknown. However, many fans have speculated that Margo is still alive and operating as Big Sister, leader of The Sisters gang on Gaea. The most obvious connection between the two is their red hair and the unique cracked marking underneath the eye.

Additionally, the fact that Rampart is the one speaking to Catalyst and asks what happened to Margo strengthens the connection. Rampart has had dealings with The Sisters gang and Big Sister herself, so she may unwittingly already know what happened to Margo after the explosion.

Is the next Legend Margo/Big Sister?

While no official lore has connected these characters, Respawn did respond “no comment” when asked if Margo was Big Sister. This seems like enough of a hint that the two characters are one and the same.

While the concept art may not have the exact marking, her hair style is similar enough to make it possible the next Legend will be Margo. Additionally, the Legends have started to come in pairs, with Revenant and Loba, Horizon and Ash, Fuse and Mad Maggie, and Bangalore and Newcastle. Having the deep connection between Margo and Catalyst, as well as her dealings with Rampart and Seer, would make for some interesting interactions.

However, since this is all speculation, it’s equally possible that Alter is an entirely new character, like Conduit and Ballistic in previous seasons.

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