Apex Legends confirm Fusehound ship with Fuse and Bloodhound lore video cover image

Apex Legends confirm Fusehound ship with Fuse and Bloodhound lore video

Fuse and Bloodhound have hinted at a romantic relationship and now the hot romance has been confirmed by Apex Legends.

The Apex Legends community has been shipping Fuse and Bloodhound for a while now based on some hints from Respawn Entertainment's content. Now, the relationship has been confirmed in a fiery kissing scene.

On October 29, the official Apex Legends Twitter account shared a short, stylized animated short that showed Fuse and Bloodhound tracking down a deadly creature. Fuse stops mid-hunt to tell Bloodhound that he hopes they will stop denying that there's a spark between them. At one point, he said that it seems Bloodhound went cold once other people started suspecting their relationship.

While stabbing the monster, Bloodhound admits that they are scared of love in a blood-curdling scream. Unlike their usual prey, love is something Bloodhound can't control or predict.

"I'll grant ya. She can be a rough ride, this life. But mate, I'm not going anywhere," Fuse responds.

Bloodhound then takes off their mask and the two kiss as flames crackle violently around them. While Apex Legends fans were not able to see Bloodhound's face or learn more about their secret identity, they were delighted that the relationship was confirmed and cannon after the two kept flirting during battle royale matches.

Fusehound confirmed in latest Apex Legends short

Despite their massive differences, fans have been shipping Fuse and Bloodhound for quite some time. When Fuse was introduced in Season 8, his video showed the explosive legend trying to give Bloodhound a buttslap but the mysterious hunter holds out a weapon to stop him.

But the two seemed to be slowly warming up to each other, sharing flirty voice lines in battle in the following seasons. In Season 14, Vantage pointed out that the two legends seemed to have feelings for each other. When Fuse tried to confirm it, Bloodhound said they were just friends, crushing Fuse. The voice lines then turned passive aggressive and petty.

Now it's clear that Bloodhound is afraid of being vulnerable and expressing their feelings after losing a former partner, Boone. Fuse tells Bloodhound that he doesn't plan to leave, leading the two to share a passionate kiss.

Apex Legends' next season, Eclipse, is coming on November 1. This will most likely bring fresh voice lines between Fuse and Bloodhound that will show reflect their relationship status.

Is Fuse gay?

The sexual orientation and identity of Fuse and Bloodhound has been a topic of discussion since the two shared a steamy kiss amidst the flames. But a lot of the confusion has come from some people in the gaming community not understanding the legends' identities.

Bloodhound has been confirmed non-binary since the game's launch. The original legend has never shared their biological sex — or really anything else about their identity — but the hunter goes by they and them.

Fuse has been confirmed by Apex Legends developers as being pansexual, which coincides with his official profile that read "lady's man, man's man, and all around manly man" at one point. Apex Legends writer Sam Gill then explained that Fuse is pansexual, meaning that he is open to love no matter what someone's sex is. He is attracted to anyone regardless of gender identity.

So in conclusion, Fuse is a pansexual cis male and Bloodhound is non-binary — nothing else is known about their identity so it's unclear what their sex or orientation is. Well, it's not known to us anyway. Fuse has definitely seen Bloodhound without a helmet and clearly liked what he saw.