Apex Legends has announced the Hardcore Royale LTM that releases along with the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event on Jan. 24.

Apex Legends players are in for a treat towards the end of the Season 15 Battle Pass. A New LTM, "Hardcore Royale" is coming to Apex Legends alongside a new collection event as Season 15 of Apex Legends went from slow burn to late bloomer in the span of a few weeks. Respawn Entertainment has been enjoying plenty of praise since its announcement of Jedi: Survivor. It looks like Apex Legends is receiving plenty of love in the second half of Season 15.

What is the Hardcore Royale LTM in Apex Legends?

The Hardcore Royale LTM is a new limited-time game mode coming to Apex Legends. In essence, it's the regular Battle Royale mode for Trios but with added conditions that make it more challenging and interesting. Here's how it works.

  • Limited information on the HUD
  • White Armor only. Which means the maximum HP is capped at 150.
  • No helmets. Headshots will deal maximum damage.
  • No armor spawn in death boxes. Players won't be able to armor swap.
  • Ring starts at max damage. Getting caught outside of it is very likely to be fatal.

The Celestial Sunrise collection event

Image Source: EA
Image Source: EA

The Celestial Sunrise collection event is coming to Apex Legends as part of the update that brings the Hardcore Royale LTM. The event includes the usual collection event format where players can earn a few freebies by completing tasks in-game. These freebies include stat trackers, an Apex pack, a few weapon charms, holosprays, and a Jade-themed R99 skin.

New skins and cosmetics

The collection event will also bring a few new skins including Legendary skins for Caustic, Pathfinder, Ash, and Octane. All of these Legendary skins look unique and fit their characters excellently. Additionally, acquiring all store items from the collection event will reward players with the "Jadeite Redemption" reactive skin for the Peacekeeper.

The Celestial Sunrise collection event goes live on the Jan. 24, along with the Hardcore Royale LTM. The event ends on Feb. 7 That's not all. Respawn have revealed that a new "Date Night" takeover mode will replace Duos in the matchmaker. This takeover features an altered form of healing. Any healing item will work in a small AOE and this will mean players can heal their teammate at the same time using their healing items. Celestial Sunrise will be the second consecutive collection event in Apex Legends following the ongoing spellbound collection event.

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