A star-studded lineup.

The ALGS has revealed the casters and special guests for the upcoming ALGS Split 1 Playoffs in Los Angeles.

This star-studded lineup features a lot of familiar faces from the recent ALGS Pro League, as well as two guest analysts that will add extra perspectives to the desk in Los Angeles.

Who are the ALGS Casters for the Split 1 Playoffs?

The ALGS Split 1 Playoffs will feature no less than 13 different casters, hosts and analysts across the three days of ALGS action.

WeThePeople returns once again as Stage Host, following his debut at the ALGS Championship in Birmingham. He told esports.gg back in September that the ability to host was "a blessing." 'Peep' was a hit with ALGS fans both in the audience and at home and will be a welcome return to the ALGS caster lineup.

Photo: EA/Joe Brady
Photo: EA/Joe Brady

Graceful also returns as a Guest Analyst, having also debuted in Birmingham. He will be joined by Hodsic, who will be part of the ALGS casting team having missed out on qualification with XSET this split. Together they will provide first hand analysis as two of the sharpest minds in the game. The pair add considerable competitive experience to the broadcast.

The full ALGS caster lineup is as follows:

RayndayDesk Host
GlitterXplosionHost + Analyst
HodsicGuest Analyst
GracefulGuest Analyst
WeThePeopleStage Host
ParallaxstellaVenue Host

NiceWigg and Greek also return with on site watch party

Joining the stacked ALGS caster lineup is a host of watch parties. There will be an additional chinese watch party at the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs. Roieee will debut in Los Angeles as an official broadcast partner.

NiceWigg and Greek's B Stream has become an integral part of the ALGS experience. EA have already announced that the iconic duo will be at all three ALGS LAN events this year.

The ALGS Split 1 Playoffs watch parties are:


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