spoke to WeThePeople in Birmingham during the ALGS Championship.

Thales ”WeThePeople” made his ALGS LAN debut in Birmingham, not as a player, but as a host. Fresh off his number one predator finish in Apex Legends Season 17 EA approached the streamer to join the ALGS broadcast.

WeThePeople brought endless hype and passion to the crowd, as well as conducting various interviews after matches. sat down with WeThePeople during the ALGS Championship for a reflection on the event and his streaming career.

WeThePeople almost stopped streaming

Speaking to, WeThePeople recounted the story of how he was on the verge of quitting streaming.

Having headed out to a fast food place, he was recognised by Tom. This was the first time he had ever been recognised for streaming. His passion was rekindled and WeThePeople has never looked back.

Photo: EA/Joe Brady
Photo: EA/Joe Brady

“I was still a full time realtor in Boston. I was losing so much money because I was streaming instead of doing real estate things. So I was thinking about going back to real estate. I hated it. The only time I was happy was when I was getting paid or spending the money.

“Gaming was a real passion but you have to be able to pay the bills. One day I was hanging out with my friend Chris and we were getting dinner at Kelly’s. We go to the drive-through and I forgot to get a drink at home to pull over I need to get a drink. So I walk in, and as I’m walking up to the counter this guy gives me a weird look. I’m thinking what the hell is this guy looking at man. I got 5 feet away from the counter and he says ”dude, you play Apex? Bro, are you WeThePeople?”

“When he said that it was one of the coolest moments of my life. I was still a small streamer I was only averaging 50 viewers. He’s never watch the stream he just follow me on Instagram because I’m from Boston and he’s from Boston. So we chatted for five minutes and he gave me a free chocolate frappe. He was the reason I never quit streaming. I thought it was a sign from God saying hey this is this is your path. Tom from Boston man!”

Could Peep compete in ALGS Year 4?

Photo: EA/Joe Brady
Photo: EA/Joe Brady

When asked about what the future holds WeThePeople admitted he still holds ambitions to compete at an Apex Legends LAN event. The streamer did previously qualify for a LAN, but it was cancelled due to COVID-19.

With pre-season qualifiers due to begin in Fall, could we see WeThePeople back in the ALGS as as competitor soon?

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