The developers will provide accommodation and travel for players unable to travel due to COVID.

Despite facing criticism from Apex Legends pros at the ALGS Champs Raleigh, the ALGS has now doubled down on its policy of not allowing COVID positive players to compete in the $2 million event. The first ever Apex LAN event is taking place in Raleigh, Texas from July 7-10, 2022.

Our policy is and has been, that if an ALGS competitor tests positive for COVID at the event, they are ineligible to compete. We recognize the dedication and passion of our competitors around the world in preparation for the ALGS Championship, and we have immense sympathy for competitors who test positive for COVID-19 resulting in their ineligibility and inability to field a full team during the competition.

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Despite acknowledging the preparation of competitors and the fact that they have traveled thousands of miles to compete at the event, ALGS stuck to its COVID policy, citing lack of fair play.

Remote gameplay is not feasible to uphold the fair play of LAN competition. We have communicated these policies to participating teams in advance as well as allowed all to register an additional substitute player to their rosters as a precaution should a positive COVID-19 test impact eligibility. 

Even before the start of the tournament, there were nearly nine people that tested positive for COVID. They were disqualified from the event with Japanese team FENNEL the worst affected. 

Teams are allowed the use of one substitute, however, in some cases the substitute also got COVID further complicating matters. 

EA to provide accommodation for positive players

EA might have doubled down on its policy, however they also announced they will be providing accommodations for lodging and travel to all affected players if they are unable to travel due to COVID.

Apex Pros criticize decision 

In response to the announcement, several pros have openly criticized the game developer for its stance. 

The criticism mainly stems from the fact that several other titles seem to be navigating COVID successfully without disqualifying players. Riot Games upcoming VCT Masters Copenhagen will not disqualify players if they test positive for COVID. Instead, Riot will make alternate arrangements for the teams and players. 

The ALGS Champs is the first LAN event for Apex Legends and also the biggest event to date. The tournament has a prize pool of $2 million and has 40 teams attending the tournament in Raleigh, Texas. Fans require a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination to attend the event. 

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