A complete list of all COVID positive players at ALGS Champs, Raleigh.

The biggest Apex Legends LAN, the ALGS Champs, is currently underway at the PNC arena in Raleigh, Texas. However, even before the start of the tournament, the competitors are facing issues, first visa issues and now many are dealing with COVID.

Just hours before the start of the tournament, there are already nine players that have already confirmed COVID cases and will drop out of the tournament. This list includes players from IG International, Crazy Raccoon, FENNEL, ODDIK and more. Several non-English speaking teams have been worst affected with Japanese team FENNEl and FOR7 will no longer be able to feature a complete roster at ALGS Champs 2022. 

Confirmed COVID cases at ALGS Champ

Invictus Gaming International
GMT International
Crazy Raccoon
All COVID affected players at ALGS Champs

Japanese team FENNEL are the worst affected. After one of their players tested positive for COVID, the coach was due to stand in for the team. However, the coach also subsequently tested positive, leaving FENNEL in an awkward position of not able to field a complete roster.

The Apex Legends Global Series : 2022 Champs is the game’s largest tournament with $2 million at stake. Teams from all over the world are coming to Raleigh, Texas to compete in the game’s global championship. As such being unable to play, despite being present at Raleigh will be a huge disappointment for affected players.

EA continues strict COVID policies

Apex Legends Global Series Championship. Raleigh NC, USA. July 7-10. Image Credit: EA.
Apex Legends Global Series Championship. Raleigh NC, USA. July 7-10. Image Credit: EA.

EA has continued its strict COVID policy that was first implemented during the Apex Stockholm LAN. Players with COVID positive results cannot compete at the event. No alternative arrangements have been made for these players which is in stark contrast to Riot Games’ preparation for various Valorant LANs.

Teams are allowed a COVID sub who can compete but it will ultimately be a huge disadvantage for the teams.

The safety of players and the audience should be of paramount importance for EA. With nine confirmed cases before the start of the tournament and several stand-ins also reporting positive, it is going to have an adverse impact on the competition. Regardless, there are still 40 teams that are in the running and it will be interesting to see which team comes out ahead. 

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends that if you live in an area with high or substantial levels of transmission to wear a mask when in indoor public settings - even if you are vaccinated.

The ALGS Champs begins today and continues for four days ending on July 10. 

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