The Apex Legends Global Series has just started. Here are the top countries represented at Apex Legends $2 million LAN event.

Apex Legends players are definitely going to be excited about watching their favorite pro-teams compete in the 2022 ALGS championship. The quintessential Apex Legends tournament features top players from several countries around the world. Esports is all about cheering on your favorite pro-teams and that competitive spirit. A major contributing factor in team support is the team’s nationality. Millions of players play Apex Legends around the world. Every team has fans from their own country rooting for them.

So which team will you be rooting for and is your country represented at ALGS? There’s a roster of 40 teams from around the world. Some of the most represented countries in the tournament are the US, South Korea and Japan. There are also a few teams from Australia, UK and Brazil. If you’re looking for teams that represent your nationality, here’s a detailed read on which teams you can root for.

The US has the most teams

ImperialHal from TSMFTX is among the best Apex Legends players from the US

Unsurprisingly the US is the most represented country in the tournament. It’s being held in the US. Nine of the forty teams are from the US. These include top American teams like Team Liquid, TSM, Optic Gaming, NRG, 100 Thieves and Spacestation Gaming. You’ll want to keep an eye out on top US talent and how they perform for their teams. ImperialHal and Reps from TSM, sweetdreams from NRG and dooplex from Optic Gaming are household names, among the best Apex Legends players based in the US.

Asia-Pacific countries in ALGS

Team Fnatic is among the best Apex Legends teams in Asia
Team Fnatic is among the best Apex Legends teams in Asia

There are plenty of teams from Asian countries participating as well. Great APAC representation for folks from the continent. Most Asian teams are from South Korea and Japan. There are a few teams from Australia as well. Fnatic is an Asian giant with an all-Japanese team that goes toe to toe with the best teams and players in the world. There are five Japanese and four South Korean teams competing at the 2022 ALGS Championship. These include top teams like Fnatic, REJECT regularly take center stage at Asian tournaments and will be the ones to watch out for.

There are also three Australian teams and two teams from Thailand at the championship. Team Burger from Australia stands out as a team that punches above their weight class. Team EXO from Thailand is among the best teams in Asia and will definitely be competing for top honors at the tournament. DreamFire, a talented team consisting of two Chinese and one Taiwanese player is going to be a team to observe. MeltsteraV3 and MatsuTasu from Fnatic are among the most popular Asian players.

South American teams

Luminosity Gaming is among the most popular Apex Legends teams in the South American region.
Image Source: Luminosity Gaming

South American teams perform with consistency in the pro-Apex scene. Team Singularity from Brazil and Luminosity Gaming from Mexico are among the best South American Apex Legends teams and will be competing for the ALGS Championship. Argentina-based Team Infinity is also pretty well known. Acend, a team from Portugal will find themselves among the underdogs at the ALGS championship. This team includes VJEIX, a talented Apex Legends player from Iraq. Apex Legends fans from the middle-east would want to keep an eye out on this team.

There are four teams from Brazil at the ALGS championships and teams from Portugal, Argentina, Mexico and Chile make up the rest of the South American roster at the tournament.

European countries at ALGS

Invictus Gaming’s brynn is among the most talented Apex Legends players in the European region.

Some of the esports heavy-hitters are part of the European roster at the ALGS Championship. These include teams like Alliance, Scarz, and Invictus Gaming that feature some popular talent. Brynn from Invictus Gaming is one of the UK’s most popular Apex Legends players. FA Kitties, a team based in Russia is home to Hardecki, one of the most revered Eastern European players in the Apex Legends European circuit.

The European circuit includes four teams from EU-based countries, two teams from the United Kingdom and one team from Russia.

The 2022 ALGS Championship is off to an exciting start. If you want to watch it live, you can read our article covering event details. The tournament will be streamed live on the official Apex Legends Twitch channel.

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