100 Thieves secured their spot at the ALGS Playoff LAN in Sweden with a tiebreak victory. They will join teams such as TSM, NRG and Esports Arena. Elsewhere, a poor day from Sentinels means that the defending Pro League Champions might not make the cut for Top 10.

100 Thieves secured their spot at the Apex Legends Playoff LAN in Stockholm, Sweden with a gameday 5 victory. The trio of Vaxlon, Onmuu and Scuwry were already in a very strong position for a top 10 finish, but this victory puts their place beyond doubt. 100 Thieves will now focus on trying to secure the Pro League overall title in the final gameday.

There is now just one gameday left for the top 40 teams in North America, and all will be decided in a crucial showdown on Monday 28th. Only the top 10 teams will qualify for LAN.

100 Thieves snatch victory on a tiebreak

100 Thieves were made to sweat by Furia, but ultimately they topped their lobby. Their 2nd game secured them the victory. Their 29 point victory was higher than Furia's best game, securing them the victory.

100 Thieves arrived into the Pro League off the back of a really disappointing Split 1 playoff result. They finished rock bottom in 20th place. This resulted in a roster change, with Vaxlon joining from Renegades.

The former CLG playoff winner seems to have made a really big impact, as his team has been incredibly consistent. Their form has seen them up there with teams such as NRG and Esports Arena.

100 Thieves eliminate a third of their rival players

This game 2 performance cannot be understated. The 100 Thieves roster racked up a whopping 17 kills. To put that into perspective, that is over a third of all the enemy players in the lobby.

Using the much feared devotion, Onmuu and his teammates executed one of the best Apex games we have seen on Worlds Edge all split. They mowed down team after team in Fragment East. While Furia will be disappointed by losing on a tiebreak, they cannot begrudge victory to 100 Thieves when they played to this standard.

100 Thieves seemed to struggle with the pressure of playing for such a big team. It is understandable to feel the weight of expectations. The original 100T roster of Scuwry, Onmuu and Vein came from almost nowhere to win the ALGS Championship as Kungarna. They rocketed to the top of the region, and were picked up by 100 Thieves.

100 Thieves used Ash, one upping Furia's Wattson
100 Thieves used Ash, one upping Furia's Wattson

Credit has to go to Vaxlon. Since he joined the team, 100 Thieves level has improved dramatically. Their consistency and calm heads will stand them in good stead for LAN. With the backing of a major organisation, this roster will be one of the best supported and best prepared out of any team in Stockholm.

Really tense fight for playoff places

With just one gameday left for North America, there is incredible competition for places. G2, who won the other lobby have passed NRG and are only 1 point behind Esports Arena.

The Top 10

  • Esports Arena - 105
  • G2 - 104
  • 100 Thieves - 101
  • NRG - 98
  • TSM - 85
  • Cloud9 - 85
  • Spacestation Gaming - 83
  • Team Liquid - 67
  • Complexity - 66
  • CLG - 66

With just one day's action left, Esports Arena all the way through to Spacestation Gaming are qualified for the playoff LAN. However, Team Liquid, Complexity and CLG will need to perform on the final day to have a chance at the top 10.

Who could sneak into the top 10?

There are several teams that are in with a chance at squeezing into the Top 10 on the final day.

  • Sentinels - 63
  • Torrent - 60
  • RCO eSports - 60
  • SCRY - 60
  • Dubblyew - 58
  • XSET - 53

Any 3 of those 9 teams could secure LAN. Most notably in the mix are Complexity and Sentinels. Both of those teams have a very strong record in ALGS.

Sentinels risk missing LAN

Sentinels have struggled by their standards in this Pro League. This is partly down to their performance on Storm Point. They are choosing to contest Esports Arena at The Mill.

This has had two noticeable impacts, it has hurt their Storm Point performances when they are in the same lobby as Esports Arena. They have not won the majority of contests.

They have also seemed shaky at times on Worlds Edge. This is likely because they are under a lot more pressure to perform on Worlds Edge when their Storm Point games are so weak. They placed 14th, 18th and 11th in today's Worlds Edge games.

The Sentinels team clearly understand Worlds Edge, they are the defending Pro League Champions from Split 1, when Worlds Edge was the only map.

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