Lumina Square is a big area, making the Riddlers’ Club puzzles in ZZZ quite tricky for some.

Zenless Zone Zero is full of unique side quests, and the Riddlers' Club Puzzle is only a few of them. This set of side quests can be tricky, so here are all of the Riddlers' Club Puzzle solutions in ZZZ.

Starting the Riddlers' Club Puzzle in ZZZ

To begin the Riddler's Club Puzzle in ZZZ, you need to talk to Sam in Lumina Square, near the newsstand and the gigantic plus-shaped sculptures. We found him during the evening, but he should be available at other times of the day, too.

The Riddlers' Club Puzzle chain of quests in ZZZ begin with Sam (screenshot via
The Riddlers' Club Puzzle chain of quests in ZZZ begin with Sam (screenshot via

Needless to say, enough progress to unlock the Lumina Square area is required to start this chain of quests.

Upon talking to Sam you learn that he is the president of the "Seven Puzzlers Club," an anonymous online group. He says that the group has never met in person, and each of the members contributed a puzzle to this event.

The theme of the event is "Scenes at Lumina Square," and all of the solutions are found within the zone.

He then gives you your first riddle.

Riddlers' Club Puzzle Solutions

Riddlers' Club Part 1 solution

"It's silver, beautiful and smooth. Something indescribable created from fate that spins silently - and, 'Who says Lumina Square isn't the center of the universe?'"

ZZZ Riddlers' Club Part 1 solution (screenshot via
ZZZ Riddlers' Club Part 1 solution (screenshot via

The solution for the first riddle is this installation in the middle of the square, right across Captain Mewmew. Take a photo of the sculpture then return to Sam to claim your reward.

Completing this quest also rewards the Kind Helper Medal IV from Captain Mewmew.

Riddlers' Club Part 2 solution

After some time, Sam will once again have a quest marker on top of him. He's found in the same spot. He gives your second puzzle upon talking to him:

"Yin and yang, black and white. Straightforward descriptions are always misleading... Two mythical creatures chasing the other's tail."

ZZZ Riddlers' Club Part 2 solution (screenshot via
ZZZ Riddlers' Club Part 2 solution (screenshot via

The solution is this graffiti, found on the wall of the parking lot where Wise and Bell's van is parked. After taking the photo, go back to Sam and claim your rewards. You also get the Kind Helper Medal V from Mewmew.

There's bound to be more Riddlers' Club puzzles in ZZZ, so stick around on as we update our guide.