A lot of players only care about open world games nowadays.

As HoYoverse's new game Zenless Zone Zero is getting close to release worldwide, players are wondering whether or not it is open-world like Genshin Impact.

For a lot of players nowadays, having an open-world setting is totally necessary as they love wandering around the map and completing quests as they stumble on them.

However, if you're looking for a genuine open-world experience, Zenless Zone Zero might not be the game for you.

Does Zenless Zone Zero have an open world?

No, Zenless Zone Zero isn't an open-world game like one of its spiritual predecessors, Genshin Impact. This is because you don't have a big open world to explore like you do in Genshin Impact.

In Zenless Zone Zero, you'll have the city of New Eridu to explore outside of The Hollows, which essentially work as dungeons in alternate universes. The core gameplay of Zenless Zone Zero revolves around entering The Hollows to complete quests and thus earn rewards.

Although you can explore New Eridu a bit, you'll run out of options pretty quickly as this Zenless Zone Zero city works more like a central hub in which you can get new items and accept quests rather than a gigantic universe like Genshin Impact.

This doesn't make Zenless Zone Zero a lesser game, however, if you enjoy exploring a big map rather than doing quests in a pre-set environment, perhaps the game isn't made for you as you'll likely feel bored after a couple of hours.

In this case, you might want to try Kuro Games' open-world gacha title Wuthering Waves, which came out in May and got positive reviews from critics.

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